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3 Styles of Sneakers at Metro Shoes that are Worth Checking Out

Ever since the boom of social media, fashionable sneakers have truly levelled up in terms of comfort and design. People have started expressing themselves through quirky sneaker designs offered online and offline. That said, we at Metro Shoes try our best to keep up with the trends and provide you with the most contemporary designs in sneakers. A Diverse Collection […]

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4 Simple Tips to Take Care of Your Shoes in Rainy Season

Monsoon is here! A time of enjoying the rains, hot-hot pakodas and chai. Oh, what fun it is to overcome your inhibitions and get soaked in the rain. And when you can see the rainbow and draw a wish, isn’t it worth living life for? These small joys in life make everything exciting with a touch of a soft yet […]

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A Guide to Cleaning your Brogue Shoes without Damaging Them

If you are an admirer of great footwear, you have probably heard about brogue shoes. For those of you who do not know, this versatile footwear has a unique seam running around the shoe with decorative perforations. Here, perforations refer to small holes in the shoe that give a distinguished look to the brogues. Like any other footwear, brogue shoes […]

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9 Pair of Shoes for your next Globetrottering Experience

Want to get away from the mundane routine? Go travel. Need a mental detox? Go travel. Have an itch to explore a new place? Go travel. Basically, packing your bags and getting on that plane seems to be a life hack for anything and everything in question. For those who live to travel know the feeling of experiencing a new […]

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1 Shoe 9 Ways- This Navratri DIY and Walk With Style

Navratri is all about embracing the strong feminine spirit around us. The festival brings a lot of colors and positivity and we definitely cannot keep calm! With the garba nights and durga poojas, it is a given that we have to gear up and get our outfits and accessories assembled.The best part about Navratri is dressing up and flaunting your […]

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running shoes

6 Morning Rituals To Pump Up Your Day

Mornings mean a fresh start. Mornings are a new beginning. It is the best time to ponder over your goals, dreams and what you want to do in life. Even though this sounds poetic and positive, we sleepyheads have a permanent relationship with our quilts and pillow and find it so difficult to get out of the soft bed. Things […]

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shoes style statement

4 Ways to Style Statement with These Shoes

If your outfit was a sentence you were writing, your shoes would be its punctuation. No matter the occasion, your shoes make an entrance first and they set the foundation for the kind of exit you’re going to have. So obviously, it pays to style your outfit from the base up, especially if you have statement shoes. For those of […]

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double monk strap for men

Mr. Monk’s Guide to Double Monk Strap Shoes

Hello, fellas. My name is Mr. Monk, and I’ve been asked to educate you folks about my kind — the Double Monk Strap shoes. I’m not surprised, considering how my kind swings between the categories of casual and  formal shoes for men. People are often confused if we’re more formal or too casual, which might lead to a clumsy outfit […]

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Flaunt Your Loafers: Basic Guidelines for Men

A wise person once said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a fabulous pair of shoes”. Although, we hope you don’t actually take a thousand miles’ journey on feet but we do advise you to always clad them fabulously. For some men, that may be a natural and instinctual thing. But there are many who require a little […]

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