Mr. Monk’s Guide to Double Monk Strap Shoes

Hello, fellas. My name is Mr. Monk, and I’ve been asked to educate you folks about my kind — the Double Monk Strap shoes. I’m not surprised, considering how my kind swings between the categories of casual and  formal shoes for men. People are often confused if we’re more formal or too casual, which might lead to a clumsy outfit and a disgruntled man if not taken care of. I say, we exist in the continuum. The only style we truly care about is versatile, the mark of a gentleman.

Now, I could ramble on about why it’s difficult to gauge Monk Strap for men, but I’d much rather indulge in a glorifying tale of what makes me unique, and how having me will amp up your shoe cabinet. Let’s start with the basics of my anatomy.

What are Double Monk Strap Shoes?

Double monk strap shoes

In the family of formal shoes, you can easily recognize us by our defining feature: buckles and strap fastenings, which mean no lacing system. We traditionally come in two styles — single and double straps. But some lads these days like to add to that number. So, you can find us in Triple Monk Strap style too. Another style that’s making the rounds in the market are our casual variant Double Monk Strap Sneakers. It is strictly advised to keep away from them in any formal get-together.

We are designed keeping in mind the comfort of the shoe wearer. Besides the absence of a lacing system, we are made similar to our cousin Derby with the quarter overlapping the upper vamp and the tongue of the shoe. But instead of a middle lacing system, we are secured on the side by a buckle and strap.

As you must have noticed, flexibility and ease is the core of our making, which has evolved rather interestingly over the years. We are a more relaxed bunch than our more sophisticated counterparts like an Oxford or a Derby.

We have our own set of rules when it comes to outfit coordination. Let me walk you through them.

Case of the Colours

We come in a range of hues but my black and brown brothers are the most popular ones, as they blend well with most attires. Versatile as we are, we can qualify for several occasions ranging from dinner dates and weddings to office meetings and conferences. Depending on the season and the material of the shoe, you can select the apt one to accompany you in your style journey:

  • Brown– It spans light to dark tones. It is a very flexible colour that can be worn in almost all settings, except the most formal of occasions. You can pair them with outfits in shades of tan, brown, beige, orange, green and darker earth colours like rust.
  • Black– It is a dynamic colour that aligns well with dark base colours. But contrary to popular opinion, it can’t be paired with everything. Avoid pastels and browns when wearing black shoes. With most other colours, you can carry shades of black to make a clean statement.
  • Oxblood/Burgundy– Growing in popularity, these warm colours pair extremely well with shades of navy blue, grey, and similar cool tones. They add a refreshing pop of colour to a plain dress.

Materials that Matter

For my ancestors, having a sturdy material was essential to protect them from harsh environment. We carry this element of strength through the generations. As formal shoes, much care is provided in the choice of our material and leather turns out to be the ultimate fit. This is for three simple reasons –

  • Durability: With proper care, leather shoes last for ages;
  • Flexibility: It can be styled with both formal and casual outfits effortlessly;
  • Grace: As that lovely patina grows, leather looks even better with age.

A more delicate variant of my family is suede.  My brothers from the suede side do not like to travel in harsh weather conditions where it rains and snows. If found in such a situation, they should be sprayed with a water resistant protective layer. They require frequent soft cleaning with an eraser and a specific suede shoe brush to maintain their elegant appearance.

Styles to Suit

Having covered the body, colour and skin types of my kind, I now move on to how you can style us in different events. We are very adaptable and there is no situation where we don’t fit in fashionably.

There is a misconception among many people that we only work if we’re worn with tailored well- fitted dress pants. However, you will find that we look amazingly trendy with chino pants and denim jeans too. For your Monk to pop out, you can cuff your pants and let the hem go a little short, like these gentlemen here.

style with monk strap shoes

In a formal event, wear socks that match your belt and go with the overall colour scheme of your outfit. You can skip the socks and rock a clean ankle look in a casual setting. Just remember that we don’t appreciate your pants covering our front, hence maintain a slight space to highlight our look. Besides, even for a casual appearance, avoid us with shorts and stick to full length pants.

Over the years, I have noticed that people like to play the look with my buckles. It’s a hep fashion statement to leave one of my straps unbuckled, preferably the top one. You could take it a step forward by complimenting the appearance with a leather jacket, say on a Saturday night out with friends. This demeanour exudes confidence and shows that you’re not afraid to experiment.

This is pretty much all about me. If you find this slightly self-praising but hopefully informative style guide about me and my kind useful, take my suggestion and rush to buy us. Head straight to men’s shoes online on Metro Shoes and take your pick from the wide variety of styles available.