4 Ways to Style Statement with These Shoes

If your outfit was a sentence you were writing, your shoes would be its punctuation. No matter the occasion, your shoes make an entrance first and they set the foundation for the kind of exit you’re going to have. So obviously, it pays to style your outfit from the base up, especially if you have statement shoes. For those of you who are looking to turn heads as soon you enter the room, we’ve curated some key shoe styles that are a must-have for your closet this season. Have a look:

Turn up with two-toned

Two-toned formal shoes are the most game-changing addition you can make to your wardrobe. These shoes are classy and elegant with just the right touch of whimsy to give a boring outfit a bold personality. You can take inspiration from Siddharth Malhotra who has given a fresh spin to semi-formal wear by cuffing his perfectly tailored pants. While wearing two-toned shoes, make sure you get the colour combinations right. If you’re not too certain about experimenting with colours and patterns, start with a pair of simple black and white two-toned brogue shoes, and wear them with a slick suit. Keep your shirt white, but add a dash of colour with a popping bow-tie. Learn to keep a consistent colour theme in your outfit to have a well-balanced look. With a plethora of Men shoes online, you don’t need to look anywhere else.

Siddharth Mahotra in Semi Formal shoes

Lazing around with Loafers

Your wardrobe is incomplete without a pair of trendy loafers. For all those, “What do I wear?” questions there is no better response than Loafers. They can effortlessly be dressed up or down, and can be worn on almost any occasion. Wear it with a suit or style them up with summer shorts – this versatile footwear pairs well with anything you choose to wear. When it comes to loafers, the devil is in the details. This season try to go for loafers with distinctive prints that will perfectly complement your “look at me” feels. Ranveer Singh here has done complete justice to this iconic pair of printed loafers while keeping his outfit relatively minimal. Take a hint from him and keep your outfit subtle and bring your statement shoe out for some limelight.

Ranveer Singh in Loafers

Show off with sneakers

The fashion world has been obsessed with sneakers, and if fashion reports are any proof, it’s not about to change anytime soon. You can see them dominating ramps, Instagram feeds, and celebrity wardrobes all across the globe. In fact, sock-like sneakers are the ultimate rage this year. However, with so many different styles of sneakers running around, to make a statement you have to be experimental with your outfit choices. A cue from Shahid Kapoor’s style books is a source of great inspiration. His white sneakers make his rather sedate outfit of chinos and checked shirt casually stylish. Look for sneakers with a striking sole as they raise the oomph factor in your style.

Shahid Kapoor in sneaker

Tempt them with some tan

Believe it or not, we are starting to find black boots rather clichéd. Everyone in town has them and everyone in town wears them. If you really want to set yourself above the crowd, you need to get yourself a stylish pair of tan boots. Just like with sneakers, the trick is to get the rest of your outfit to complement your shoe. We are majorly crushing on Varun Dhawan’s look here as he sits broodingly in his tailored forest-green pants and striped sweater. Tan boots are flexible and go well with a plethora of colour options. Try some denim on denim look for a retro-inspired look and bring up that manly charm with your tan boots. For a balanced look, maintain brown or tan accents throughout your outfit. Or walk the bold way with a tailored navy suit paired with tan boots and break those fashion rules in style.

Varun Dhawan in Tan Brown Boots