6 Morning Rituals To Pump Up Your Day

Mornings mean a fresh start. Mornings are a new beginning. It is the best time to ponder over your goals, dreams and what you want to do in life. Even though this sounds poetic and positive, we sleepyheads have a permanent relationship with our quilts and pillow and find it so difficult to get out of the soft bed. Things get worse if you are not a morning person. There are days when you literally have to drag yourself to work and are exhausted by the time you reach. Seems relatable, is it? It’s a common belief that your day depends on how you spend your morning hours. So if you forecast a long day then start early and follow these simple tricks to be on your toes. To make your mornings more exciting, we have compiled the 6 best rituals to do first thing when you get up. Tried and tested, these activities will make you want to jump out of your bed every day!

1. Dance baby, dance

Plug in your music system. Open your dance playlist. Press play and let the fast beats takeover the normal decibel level. Now move and swing your body without a care in the world. Dancing will fill up your energy levels and will leave you happily exhausted.

2. Go for a run or pick up those weights

Exercise has proven to lift your mood. Give yourself a pep talk looking in the mirror and lift those damn dumbbells.  If indoors bore you, go out for a long jog. Pick up the most comfortable pair of running shoes from Metro and feel ‘runderful’!

3. Whip up a healthy breakfast

You may not be a great cook and you haven’t gone beyond boiling water. But there is always a first time, right? How about starting with a bowl of freshly cut fruits and a cup of coffee? Cooking is a quick stress buster and your experiments in the kitchen might end in you making a delicious breakfast!

4. Calm yourself, aka Meditate

No matter how boring it sounds, but meditation has superpowers to calm your mind. This one is sure to help you focus throughout the day. If you have no clue how to go about it, challenge yourself to close your eyes and just breathe for 10 minutes and see how far you go.

5. Practice your hobby

It is everyone’s dream to do what they enjoy the most and there is no rule book for it. Ask yourself what makes you happy. Is it painting? Is it reading? Or talking with your dog? Or how about taking care of your plants? Wake up and do what you love. Literally.

6. Make a to-do list

A daily list of things one has to do makes sure you do not miss on on anything. Make notes of all the tasks you have to complete and so have a better picture in your head as to how to go about it. Simple and helpful, isn’t it?