4 Simple Tips to Take Care of Your Shoes in Rainy Season

Monsoon is here! A time of enjoying the rains, hot-hot pakodas and chai. Oh, what fun it is to overcome your inhibitions and get soaked in the rain. And when you can see the rainbow and draw a wish, isn’t it worth living life for? These small joys in life make everything exciting with a touch of a soft yet vigorous breeze passing you by.

But life gets a little rough when you have to be at work or for an important meeting where you have to look your 360 degree best. Rain come or storm you can’t ignore your commitments which is when you face puddles and potholes with a hard nod. And when your formal shoes get spoilt, it’s not something you can stand.

Here are five easy hacks to take care of your shoes in the Monsoon:

Dry them:

If your expensive shoes get wet in the rain then it is important you dry them in an airy spot or under the fan so they dry naturally. Don’t leave your wet shoes near an air-conditioner because they will remain damp. Make sure they dry from the inside thoroughly otherwise you may get skin infections wearing damp shoes.







Clean them:

If you want your shoes to last long then cleaning them is critical because wet and mud will not only spoil the quality of your shoes but also the texture. Use a toothbrush or a dry cloth and remove the mud stuck on your shoes. Sprinkle a little powder inside your shoes because it will soak up the moistness in them.







Pamper them:

It is necessary to pamper your shoes to keep the quality intact if you have invested so much in them, you don’t want them to dematerialize because of the rains. Polish them to keep the quality and texture just as new. The clean & care mousse from our clean collection is perfect to retain the shoes’ quality & shine.







Store them right:

Packing them immediately or letting them lay around for a couple of days is a big NO! If you want to increase the durability of your expensive shoes then storing them in a dry place is a must. Keep them open on a shoe rack and let the moisture in the shoes dry itself slowly but completely.







At Metro Shoes, you’ll find perhaps, the best quality of long-lasting and durable shoes you can wear in the monsoon and these tips will help you to keep them as new as if you bought them yesterday. Here’s a link of our products for shoe care that will help you in your cleaning process.