Flaunt Your Loafers: Basic Guidelines for Men

A wise person once said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a fabulous pair of shoes”. Although, we hope you don’t actually take a thousand miles’ journey on feet but we do advise you to always clad them fabulously. For some men, that may be a natural and instinctual thing. But there are many who require a little guidance to bring their inherent style out to play. After all, the thousands of choices in men’s shoes can leave anyone confused. And if you are reading this, we suppose you also happen to be one of the members of the confused clan.

A straight way out of that category is a pair of smart loafers! You may have heard multiple praises about the holy trinity of  formal shoes— the oxford, brogue and the derby. But, if you want to build your style cabinet gradually, your first purchase should be a pair of loafers.

Loafer is a moccasin-inspired, slip-on style shoe that has been an essential element of menswear for more than 80 years now. While it is most often considered as a casual shoe, its versatility allows it to be paired with formal wear effortlessly. Before you excitedly start typing men shoes online in your browser, take a pause. First, let’s see the many ways you can show a little love to your loafers and flaunt them instyle, depending on its type:

  • Penny Loafer: Penny loafers are footwear classics and can complement a variety of outfits. You will mostly see a good pair of penny loafers on a smart suit, but they go just as well with a pair of chinos and a t-shirt, or summer slacks for a more relaxed look. Another way to style them is with tailored shorts and a shirt. However, take extra care of the colors when you pair them with shorts. With jeans, you can create a classic look by sticking to brown suedes. Just throw on a bomber jacket and you’ll be good to go!

Penny Loafers for Men

  • Tassel Loafer: A slight alteration to the standard penny loafer, a tassel loafer comes with additional decoration at its front. The tassels give the shoe a stylish twist adding to your elegant personality. When you plan to opt for chinos or tailored shorts with blazers and button-downs, tasseled loafers are a winning option. They also add a bit more detail to your jeans. For a more daring look, try textures like leather and suede in dark shades like black and deep red. For a casual summery look, you can experiment with brighter colors like beige, navy blue and green, and make it more fun.


Tassel Loafers for Men


    • Horsebit Loafer: Out of all the styles, horsebit loafer is the most sophisticated pick. The shoe gets its name from the horse-shoe shaped brass clasp at the front, and takes its cues from equestrian wear. This is one loafer which can go perfectly well with any formal suit. It makes you look distinctively elite while maintaining a relaxed vibe at the same time.

Horsebit loafers for men

Important things to remember:

Now that you know how to pair different loafers with your outfits, ensure that your complementary accessories are in sync with your style. The most significant of all is to get the length of your trousers right. Anything that sags over your loafers is the wrong choice, as that skin show between the shoe and your ankle highlights your shoe and enhances the attire. To make sure you’re not covering the best of your loafers, wear trousers that cut just above the ankle. Also, the fitting of your pants make a big difference. Stick to tapered or slim fits and avoid anything baggy for a smart look.