1 Shoe 9 Ways- This Navratri DIY and Walk With Style

Navratri is all about embracing the strong feminine spirit around us. The festival brings a lot of colors and positivity and we definitely cannot keep calm! With the garba nights and durga poojas, it is a given that we have to gear up and get our outfits and accessories assembled.The best part about Navratri is dressing up and flaunting your fashion game like a pro! And ladies, there is nothing better than a pair of smart and fancy heels to up your level of awesomeness. Give those traditional festival mojaris a break and indulge in high-heel love. We have brought simple DIY hacks to give your shoes nine makeovers for nine days of the festival. All you need to do is gather few prettifying accessories and get to work.

  1. Glitteratti

Step 1 – Take glitter of your favorite colour and glue

Step 2 – Apply a thin coat of glue on the sole and sprinkle glitter over it

Step 3 – Make sure the entire sole is evenly covered and let it dry for a while

This style is perfect for a subtle but interesting upgrade.

2. The Bow And The Dangler

Step 1 – Assemble a bow and a dangler (it can be an earring or a locket)

Step 2 – Apply some glue on the back side of the bow and attach it on the upper side of the strap

Step 3 – Remove the hook from the dangler and apply a bit of glue on its back side and place it exactly below the bow and use once both the embellishments have dried

For a girl who likes to make an entrance, this style’s for you.

3. All About The Pom Poms

Step 1 – All you need is pom poms of different or same color (depending on how fancy you want to go)

Step 2  – Start sticking them on the shoe strap and cover it completely. Use the shoe once the pom poms are stuck properly

The playful girl will love this one!

4. Ribbons With Their ‘Twist’

Step 1 – Take a ribbon of your favorite color and measure the length of the round strap of the shoes

Step 3 – Cut the required amount of ribbon

Step 2 – Apply glue to the ribbon and start wrapping the ribbon from one end of the strap and continue till the other end

This one’s for the girl who defines understated elegance.

5. Oh Look, There Are Studs On My Shoes

Step 1 – Gather diamond embellishments of your choice

Step 2 – Apply glue on the back side of the embellishments and stick them on the sides of the heel and keep the shoes aside to dry

For the girl who loves glamour and glitz, this is the one to try.

6. Lace It Up!

Step 1 –  Take a decorative lace of your choice

Step 2 – Measure back of the shoe and cut the lace to the appropriate length

Step 3 – Apply glue on the lace and stick it on the shoe

Channel your inner grace with this style.

7. Decorative Embellishments For A Traditional Tadka

Step 1 – Take one piece of decorative embellishment and apply glue on its back side

Step 2 – Stick it on the back of the shoe and allow it to dry

The edgy yet desi girl will fall head over heels for these heels!

8. Sizzle it on the front!

Step 1 – Take a decorative embellishment of your choice and apply glue on its back side

Step 2 – Stick it on the front strap and allow it to dry

This one’s for the one who likes to play it safe.

9. Tassels and all that jazz

Step 1 –Pick your fav tassels in multiple or singular colours. Make sure they’re not too long.

Step 2 – Open the strap of the shoe and slip the tassel in it and fasten the strap.

Perfect for the fashionista!

Make sure you give your shoes enough time to dry wherever you are using it. Try these simple DIYs and give your heels a twist, while your twist and twirl during the 9 nights of Navratri!