A Guide to Cleaning your Brogue Shoes without Damaging Them

If you are an admirer of great footwear, you have probably heard about brogue shoes. For those of you who do not know, this versatile footwear has a unique seam running around the shoe with decorative perforations. Here, perforations refer to small holes in the shoe that give a distinguished look to the brogues.

Like any other footwear, brogue shoes for men and women require extra love and a special cleansing ritual to maintain their quality. By following the right method, your brogues can have a long life without losing their shine.

4 Steps to Clean your Brogue Shoes

Even if you buy brogue shoes made from the highest quality leather, they would still need regular maintenance to preserve their lustre. With that said, allow us to guide you through a few steps that you need to follow while cleaning your brogues:

  • Dry your Brogue Shoes First with Newspaper

If you wear formal brogue shoes to work every day, they may gather sweat or moisture. In such cases, you need to dry the shoes before cleaning them. To achieve this, you can stuff crumpled newspapers inside the shoes and leave them out for at least an hour. If the shoes are too damp, you need to replace the wet newspaper until they dry completely.

  • Clean your Brogue Shoes with a Dry Brush and then a Damp Cloth

After the shoes are completely dry, you can start the cleaning process. Take a hard-bristled brush and gently rub it all over the brogue shoes. Make sure to brush it properly over all the perforations to remove the dirt from the small holes. You can even use a toothpick to remove the minute particles of dirt. When you are done with the dry cleaning, take a damp cloth and rub it around properly, like the brush. This will remove any impurities that could not be brushed off of your brogue shoes.

  • Condition your Brogue Shoes

After cleaning your shoes, leave them to dry without newspapers this time. Once they become dry, you can proceed to condition them. That said, you need to opt for a shoe conditioner of good quality for the best results. Take a soft cloth and apply the right amount of conditioner to the shoes. Remember, less is more; you cannot exceed the required quantity as it could make the shoes sticky. Keeping that in mind, gently rub the cloth around the brogue shoes until the conditioner is completely absorbed into the footwear.

  • Polish your Brogue Shoes

Polishing footwear amplifies the richness of its sheen. If you have black brogue shoes, then opt for the wax polish of the same colour. You need to choose a wax polish of a colour similar to your brogues. You cannot apply black wax polish on tan brogue shoes. Keeping this in mind, take the wax polish and rub it on the shoes in circles. Leave the shoes untouched for a few hours, and then rub them with a dry brush to attain the perfect level of shine.

These are a few ways you can clean your leather brogue shoes and keep them in the best condition possible. If you are intrigued by brogues and are thinking of purchasing them, Metro Shoes is the place to be. You can browse through our online catalogue to find the best brogue shoes for women and men. So, go register now and get a shiny pair of brogues for yourself!