9 Pair of Shoes for your next Globetrottering Experience

Want to get away from the mundane routine? Go travel. Need a mental detox? Go travel. Have an itch to explore a new place? Go travel. Basically, packing your bags and getting on that plane seems to be a life hack for anything and everything in question. For those who live to travel know the feeling of experiencing a new freedom after climbing on the top of the mountain or while exploring the reminiscents of a ruined temple. Really, the safarnama makes you a different person altogether. If each place spells magic in a different way then why not your accessories? And while you are on your journey, why stick to a one-shoe policy? If I had to choose #mytravelpair, I would equal my destinations with these 9 footwear which redefine #fashiontravelling.

  1. Take a stroll on the warm sand with these white slip-ons. Roam endlessly for hours in this comfortable wear from dawn to dusk.










2. A perfect way to up your mono-colour look, team your attire with a darker shade.  You can add a dash of stunt by pairing the casual ballerinas or these comfy Loafers.  These will accompany you to paint the town and soak in the sunrays.










3. Everyone needs a pair of fitting sneakers. The urban finish of the black footwear provides you supreme comfort for a long time, making it the obvious choice for backpacking.










4. Visiting a cold country? You need not wrap up your fashion standards. Go for these ultra chic black boots which ups the heat and oomph. And the men can lace up in these sturdy boots.










5. This one is a treat for you if skydiving, river rafting and mountain climbing make your adrenaline pump. Pick these super-sturdy and highly-stylish shoes for your next thrill.










6. The platform heels elevate your spirit as you walk into a small café in an unknown town with new people. Have them at hello and unwind on a breezy evening with new acquaintances.










7. You always have a pair of shoes which provide you comfort at any given point of time. The flats are a travel necessity to wear when you are absolutely drenched in self-love. Wear them while taking a stroll on empty streets of the city.










8. Match up your escapades to the rugged look of the derbys. Up for some rigorous trekking? Place your best bets on them.










9. Give a contemporary filter to your Instagam posts with these unique orange loafers. Embrace the relaxed aura of these loafers as you scout your way to your favourite destinations.









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