Who, What, Why of Summer Sneaker Festival 2018

Now that we are celebrating Summer Sneaker Festival from 15th April to 15th May (if you are new to this idea, check out our Facebook and Instagram posts NOW), we are super excited to go a step further and add to the festivity. We love our sneakers and don’t mind going a bit over-the-top with the bomb of styles we can whip out of them! If you do not know what is exactly happening at the festival, we are giving you a quick insight right here so that you don’t miss out on all the good stuff.

When you purchase a sneaker online or at a Metro Shoes store, you are given a funky sneaker kit FREE. With this kit in your hand, stretch your imagination and come up with as many ideas as possible as to how to give your sneakers a personal touch. The kit has crafty things with which you can create different styles on the sneakers. Once you have decided how you want them to look,  ask the super talented artists stationed at the stores to show their creativity on the sneakers right in front of you. The artists not only personalise the sneaker for you but also show unmatched talent at the selected Metro Shoes stores at Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Pune. All this sounds #SoSneakinCool, right?

If you are completely clueless as to how you want to give a personal touch to your sneakers otherwise, here are some quick ways to do it:

1)    Use stud embellishments to cover the vamp and the sides of the sneakers.

2)   Take out your colouring palette and show your artistry with watercolours. Just a stroke of a brush can add a lot to the look of the sneakers

3)    Sketch pens are a great way to ‘make your mark’ on the sneakers.

4)    Give a delightful look to the sneakers with embellishments like nets and glitter.

Before we sign off, take a note of important reminders:

1)    The Summer Sneaker Festival is happening at selected Metro Shoes at  Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune

2)    Note down the event timings as we don’t want you to miss this opportunity: Friday to Sunday: 12 pm to 8 pm

3)    Stay tuned on the Metro Shoes’ Facebook and Instagram pages to know more about the festival

4)    If you feel that there is a lot of rush at the Metro Shoes’ stores for the activity, you can tell the artists how you want your sneakers should look and we can deliver them to your home later.

Hurry up! The Summer Sneaker Festival has already begun! Buy sneakers online at Metro Shoes or head to our stores to get them transformed!