5 Tips To Keep Your Feet Summer-Ready

Summer is here and we are already exhausted with the heat making us huff and puff. Even though the colourful blossoms make for a pretty sight, the perspiration makes it difficult to soak in the joy! While you keep yourself cool by drinking gallons of water, there are times when your body emits a distinct odour  – especially from your feet. This is why your tootsies need special attention during the summers. In order to keep your feet fresh, make sure these effective tips are a part of your routine. We promise that you will not only get rid of the sweaty smell but also experience happy feet.

 1) Sunscreen is the answer!

Yes, apply sunscreen to your feet as well. Surprised? Well, considering you have footwear which does not completely cover your feet, it is obvious that you are going to get tanned patterns on them. To avoid that, apply some sunscreen to your feet when you dab a little on your face before you step out in the sun.

2) Make pedicure your #bff

No one likes cracked heels and chipped nails. It might seem a tedious job to clean your feet once in a fortnight. But trust us, put in that extra effort in summers so that you get rid of the sweat and dirt sticking to your feet. Just soaking your feet in warm water for 10 mins followed by scrubbing them will do good.

3) Treat your shoes with extra care

As much as you should focus on keeping your feet clean, your footwear also plays a major role in keeping them happy. Just like your skin, your footwear needs a layer to protect from the scorching heat. Use a shoe cream to keep the shine on or keep your footwear protected from spills and dirt by using a footwear spray. We highly recommend keeping shoe care accessories handy for summer.

4) Socks are important too (just like the sunscreen)

Make a habit to wear a fresh pair of socks every day. This will keep your feet shielded from the sweat and the sun. Wearing socks on a regular basis also keeps cuts and blisters away. Add these colourful socks in your summer wardrobe to break away from the regular blacks and whites.

5) Choose your summer footwear wisely

You might want to shuffle the contents of the shoe rack for summer. Stick to slippers or flip-flops when you are indoors. We place our bets on closed ballerinas and pumps as they cushion your feet. Oxfords and sneakers suit the best for all the men in the house. Summers call for vibrant colours and there is no greater joy than having deep hues on your footwear which keep your feet guarded.

Add a lot of summer-centric footwear by taking your pick from Metro Shoes. All in all, make sure that you have these tricks shielding your feet from the scorching heat. After all, summers are not meant to sit at home. Get into a comfortable footwear and head out for an adventure this summer!