All You Need to Know about Moccasin Shoes

Moccasin shoes are fashionable footwear that does not feature a heel and have a U-shaped seam around the sides. Even though they have a traditional design, the sheer comfort they provide makes them widely popular among the new generation. These shoes have not only evolved in their make but also their design. Hence, along with providing comfort, they offer diversity in style.

Moccasin shoes can be embellished with tassels, beads, mirror work, and beautiful embroidery. As they are popular in a lot of cultures, they have numerous designs that come from different regions. In this article, we are going to talk about the different kinds of men’s moccasin shoes and how to style them for various occasions.

How Many Styles of Moccasin Shoes are there?

What was once worn by North American Indians decades ago have now become fashionable shoes for men and women. They come in a plethora of designs and can be worn for many different occasions. Furthermore, their originality continues to shine through, despite several tweaks made to the classic design over the years. So, let us dive into some of the most amazing styles of moccasin shoes for men:


  • Formal Moccasin Shoes


These formal shoes for men embody the perfect blend of style and professionalism. They are mainly crafted from leather and usually have a plain and simple design, giving the wearer a pair of footwear that are minimal and versatile. These ones look best in colours like white, black, and brown.


  • Casual Moccasin Shoes


These moccasin shoes are best for a comfortable and laid-back look. Since these are casual footwear, they have interesting design patterns and sometimes feature adorable bell tassels and stylish straps. You will also find casual driving moccasins that provide grip while going on a trip in your car.


  • Party Moccasin Shoes


Party moccasins are glamorous shoes that appeal to a lot of young men. They are generally made from materials like leather or suede, both of which add elegance to this footwear. Along with parties, you can also wear these moccasin shoes to ethnic occasions like weddings and festivals.

A Guide to Styling Moccasin Shoes

Moccasin shoes come in a variety of styles and designs. This footwear can be paired with traditional as well as modern attire. Allow us to guide you through the various combinations you can make with moccasin shoes:

  1. Polish your black formal moccasin shoes, put on a grey three-piece suit, and go to work looking sharp and professional. This creates a wonderful formal look that adds to your confidence.
  2. Grab an appealing pair of blue suede moccasins, a chequered shirt, and navy blue trousers that reach just above your ankles. The cropped bottoms create the illusion of longer legs, making you appear taller.
  3. You can wear casual tan moccasin shoes with black knee-length jean shorts and a red polo T-shirt to pull off a fashionable look effortlessly.
  4. Who said moccasins can not be styled with ethnic wear? Go with wine-red party moccasins and pair them with a red sherwani and white pyjamas for an ethnic look.

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