Walk in Style with Made in India Shoes

Metro Shoes is an Indian shoe-making company that has been in this business since 1947. Over the decades, millions of Indians have taken big steps with Metro Shoes. We have made these made-in-India shoes bigger than life. And that has become possible with our collection of Make in India shoes, as a part of our series called Born in India in support of the transformative nationwide Make in India campaign. These shoes have captured the niche of women’s and men’s shoes in India. All of these goods are crafted with fine Indian craftsmanship that you surely do not want to miss. Check out the fine collection of Made in India shoes here at Metro.

A Fantastic Collection of Made in India Shoes

Made in India shoes are inspired by the culture and rich heritage of India. They take inspiration from a few Indian cities. Check out the fantastic style of the Make in India shoe brand collection below.

  • Kolkata’s Charmers: You can go with a dapper pair for Durga Puja pandal hopping at Metro Shoes. We offer the trendiest and most stylish footwear, from men’s formal to women’s special festive shoes.
  • Bengaluru’s Beauties: These wonderful men’s formal shoes are classy and oh-so-comfortable. They also have options for women’s shoes. You can get a pair of women’s sandals with adjustable straps.
  • Hyderabadi Nawab: The Nawabs and the royals are renowned for their fashion sense. Whether it be their clothing or cuisine, they are exceedingly elegant. As a result, you will notice the women donning sandals and men wearing juttis with the latest design here.
  • Mumbai’s Style: Mumbaikars typically have a distinctive flair in their sense of style. If you look, you can find Kolhapuris among the fashionable shoes worn by women. Men in Mumbai also enjoy donning timeless loafers and cushy footwear. They are undoubtedly a simple design that looks good with both shorts and formal attire.
  • Colours of Ahmedabad: What we observe coming from Ahmedabad is a bold way of styling. They always wear bright, striking colours, from their clothing to their shoes. Made in India shoe company offers these stand-out styles too.
  • Ludhiana’s Pride: The elegance of juttis and mojaris is unforgettable. They provide a flawless mix-and-match look to the style that women love to wear with any outfit, whether it be Western or Indian. Men’s Mojaris will always be in style when it comes to ethnic costume wear.
  • Glamour from Delhi: The glitzy Delhi fashion will always remain in style, whether it be for men or women. These chic shoes stick to your clothing for events like weddings, business, or social gatherings.

Wear Your Made-in-India Shoes in Style

Just like Indian wear comes in a host of choices, your shoes too can reflect that. Style your footwear elegantly with these tips below.

  • Sandals: You can wear strappy shoes with dresses, saris, skirts, or jeans. You can choose from simple to decorative or embroidered ones according to the occasion; they are both cosy and fashionable. Perfect for a day out or casual clothing for college.
  • Juttis: They are fantastic for all seasons and are ideal for creating outfits that can take you from the boardroom to the bar. For casual attire, opt for neutrals and browns with little embellishment. To perfect the informal appearance this summer, consider loafers with embellishments like tassels or studs. You can also choose slip-on fabric materials with designs or floral motifs.
  • Mojaris: This is the most popular and cosy ethnic shoe for Indian men. A kurta with jeans, a Nehru jacket, and a pathani suit worn with a pair of mojaris look pretty fashionable and are liked for any season. 

Get Your Pair of Made-in-India Shoes from Metro

At Metro, your shoes are crafted, not manufactured. We are one of the best made-in-India footwear brands, that offer you designer choices for all of your footwear requirements. They are made available to you at affordable prices. So shop Made in India shoes from Metro today!