Types Of Monsoon Shoes Every Girl Should Own

Girls are girls and there are so many different girls in this world. All of them have qualities that set them apart from other girls and every girl owns a type of personality that puts them in the six categories of girls we have listed down today so that it’s simpler for you to categorize yourself in these genre to make it simpler for you to pick monsoon wear that’s just right for you and compliments your personality.

Here’s a listicle of types of girls and monsoon wear that would go with their identity:

The Keeper

The keeper is sorted in every aspect of her life. She is smart and mature and plans her every move. She’s the kinda girl that your parents will approve instantly. What attracts you to her is that she is reliable and has over achieved her target of collecting her retirement sum.









These flat belly pumps are a perfect fit for this type. They are stable, sturdy and comfortable. They are attractive in their own way. Ideal for the no-nonsense Keeper who will choose comfort with understated style.

The fashionista

 The fashionista has a good fashion sense and wears what’s trending. Will never miss a day of multiple sales at malls and will pick what goes with her fashionable wardrobe. She is fussy and choosy and will make sure she gets the best deal on everything she shops.









These blue bow pumps are so made for this type. They are right on point in their style statement and only a fashionista will pick these are they look as dainty and as pretty as her.

The ambitious

This type is nothing less than genius. They know what they want and they will go to any lengths to achieve their goal. They are successful and have probably mastered the art of education by the various scholarships they’ve won in their years of growing up that now they can calculate numbers in their heads before the calculator shows results!









These black peeptoe sandals are a must-have for this type. They look hot and confident just like these smartypants type and they won’t let you down just like the girls in this category.

The innocent

 Miss innocent is really cute. Anybody can fall for her. She has this charming personality and will believe anything anyone says to her. She doesn’t understand people’s hidden agenda and is nice to everyone just like everyone is nice to her in her imaginary world.









These grey flower pumps look just as sweet as this type of breed. They look like they can carry off the innocent type with just the right amount of frills that could compliment their personality.

 The adventurous

The type is perhaps the most dynamic from all personalities. They like camping and fishing and hiking and name a sport they don’t like and you’ll win a free prize. Here’s the thing – This type is carefree and one with the universe and they just love their outdoors.









These pink loafers are so them! They look adventurous and sporty and this pair of loafers has just the right amount of girliness about them that goes with the fierce and free willed adventurous type.

The Playgirl

Fickle minded, a playgirl is all sorts of charming and she can take over your heart in an instant! She has a great sense of humour and her moods and decisions change like the weather. She is playful and never serious about anything in life, but yet she is the one that will rule your mind.









These cross layered sandals are so dam ultimate for this type that’s constantly in search for something new to keep her mind occupied. These sandals would suit the Playgirl perfectly well.

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