Tips to Pick the Right Rainy Shoes & Footwear for Working Women

Let’s face it, working women have big responsibilities on their shoulders. They have to juggle between family, friends, neighbours and work. They are compelled to put their best foot forward always so they can uphold the standards set for them by the society.

But what about the times they have to race ahead of time to fulfill expectations that throw them off guard and their entire schedule goes for a toss?! That isn’t good news for hard-working women of our workforce.

Such situations arise too often during Monsoon. Everything goes haywire. Trains are late and the roads are flooded and yet you gotta make it to work on time!

In such cases, especially during monsoon its important to wear the right footwear so that you have a strong footing in the precarious monsoon.

We at Metro Shoes have perhaps the most sturdy and fashionable footwear to help you carry out your Superwoman duties with ease and comfort.

Check out the three kinds of Monsoon footwear to wear in the rains!


When you’re running late and need to catch that local to reach work on time, jog or run to the station in these super comfortable loafers. They are smart, trendy and sturdy. You won’t experience muck on your clothes while running in these. Pair them up with jeans and shirt for your regular modus operandi.









Khaki casual ballerinas:

These are perfect for a day out on meetings with your boss. They are rain proof and protect your feet from getting dirty in the puddles. They look smart and carry that total “I perfect my rainwear look” stylishly. Pair them up with a simple kurti and jeggings to get the monsoon proof look.









Peep toes:

Whether its rain, summer or winter; Office parties and networking dinners don’t stop for no season. These peep toes are ideal for these occasions. They are rain proof and carry that fashionable edge to them. You can be absolutely carefree when you wear them as they are 100% rainproof and you can cat walk in them throughout your party.









At Metro Shoes we have some of the best rain proof footwear. You can pick the top three listed in this blog because they keep their word for being the best footwear for Monsoon. They not only keep your feet dry, they also promise a fashionable makeover for your feet for the rains.