Twinning: Friendship’s Day 2017

Whenever we hear the word twinning, we think of two people who are identical and dress the same. But what we don’t look at is the fact that two people don’t have to be the same for them to twin! Twinning goes way beyond just wearing the same outfits, or being that way since birth (!), twinning can also be that of personalities. The yin to your yang, the bread to your butter, the Khloe to your Kourtney and the Jai to your Veeru.

Twinning is a state of mind. It is when you’ve found the perfect one, the one who makes everything better, your true soulmate, your BFFL. They get you, they understand you, they know what you’re thinking without you having to say anything. They’re your bestie and there are no two ways about it. They don’t have to look the same as you or even similar, as long as your souls are bound together with an undeniable bond of friendship.

Twinning is also a state of fashion! It’s how you both find that one outfit that is perfect for both of you. IT speaks of you and it reeks of you. The bond that you share is clearly encapsulated in this one outfit that you both pick and for good reason! It’s a testament to your friendship and both your states of mind. It shouts out about your bond and the love you two share and we’re all for it!

Start by analyzing your body types, if y’all have similar frames, nothing like it, but in the event that you two don’t possess the same shape, pick flattering styles for both of you and customize as you go! Complete your entire look with shoes, accessories, and jewellery that perfectly describes your relationship and this Friendship’s Day, 6th August 2017, flaunt your love and appreciation for one another.