7 Reasons Why Wednesday is the Happiest Day of The Week – Metro Shoes

Wednesday has been referred to as “Hump Day” for decades, and for good reason! It’s smack in the middle of the workweek, perfectly aligned with beating the Monday Morning blues and getting into the weekend mode. It is the day that ideally should be the happiest day, but is often ignored by #ManicMondays, #ThirstyThursdays and #FreakyFridays. Wednesday deserves more recognition and we vote we make #HappyWednesday happen! Wednesdays are the best to make some super savings too! Here are some things you probably didn’t know about Wednesdays.

  1. It’s the best excuse to wear pink, quote mean girls and try to make fetch happen.

     2. It’s the best day to book air tickets because they’re the cheapest on Wednesdays.

3. Wednesday is the best day to move to a new home, city or country. (It’s the cheapest!)

4. Wednesdays have been proven to be the most efficient days to get work done.

     5. Surveys show that Wednesday is the ideal day for dates, because both parties have recovered from the weekend and need a nice break during the workweek.

6. If your goal is weight loss, the best day to weigh yourself is Wednesday. You fluctuate the least in the middle of the week.

     7. Metro Shoes has its monthly #HappyWednesday sale on the 1st Wednesday of every month, so it’s the perfect way to begin the week and be truly happy because you’re going to snag some jaw dropping deals and be the owner of stunning shoes.

We’re sure with these reasons, the bad rap that Wednesdays have earned will be shed and the title of #HappyWednesdays will stick. Share with us why Wednesday is your favourite day of the week, and stand a chance to be featured on our blog.