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Noticing a man’s appearance is a lot about evaluating his shoes. It is not just a pair of footwear but a mirror to his personality. Formal occasions, be it a meeting, function or the big night with your bae, especially demand a thoughtful consideration about the shoes you pick. An attire is only as good as your efficiency to match the outfit with the right shoe.

The time when you take a deep breath just before starting your big presentation, the point when the executive looks down at his glass of champagne to think over your proposal, the moment you get down on your knee to pop the question — these are the defining instances when they will not look at your close-shave or luxury suit, but your shoe; and accept it or not, a book is very often judged by its cover.

Here’s what you should wear and when so that you get it right, every time:

For Meetings & Conferences

Simple and spectacular, Oxford is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of sophisticated shoes. These are plain leather shoes with a low heel, characterized by their closed lacing system. Here the lace flaps are conjoined at the bottom, so when it is tied, there is no visible gap between the two. They also make for one of the popular choices in formal shoes for men.

They come in a variety of materials like patent leather, canvas leather and suede. However, for your business meetings and conferences you should stick to the first one, as it is the more formal variant. A man is as bright as the shine of his shoe and hence the glossy finish of the patent leather becomes your ideal pick.

Black and brown are the go-to colours as they are an effortless fit with the formal suits. Light neutral colours can be experimented with as well. Think of copper, if it works for you. Ensure that your pants break just at the top of the shoe, so that they do not cover the detailing of the footwear.

Tan Formal Shoes for men

For Office Parties and Award-functions

Derby is the equally suave but relaxed sibling of Oxford. While both share a close similarity in their appearance, they are differentiated on the basis of their lace system. Unlike Oxfords, these come with an open lacing system. Here the lace flaps are conjoined with the laces and therefore leaves some gap when tied at the bottom.

Dressed in lush leather, they are best celebrated in striking shades of brown. Ponder over cognac, oxblood and other trending colours between red and brown. Their Italian counterpart come as two-material Derby shoes; the mix-and-match is best for people who like to stand out in a big crowd. With the easy availability of men shoes online, picking out the best is certainly not a struggle anymore.

For your office parties and award-functions, pair your blazer with leather sole Derby shoes. Their rubber sole variant goes better with casual outfits. Suit pants and chinos, both fit the bill here.

Formal derby shoes

For Date Nights

If Derby and Oxford are siblings, Brogue is their cool cousin. Let us talk more about sassy brogues and pick holes in it. No, we are not criticising this beauty, we are literally talking about the perforations that make them so magnificent.

These sturdy shoes balance their rough edge with their decorative perforated patterns. While full-brogues have perforated pointed toecap with extended wings, semi-brogues have perforations in the centre of the toecap and along the edge of the cap. Quarter brogues come as its simplest version with perforations only along the cap’s edge.

Suede and Scotch grain are the best options in this case. The wing tip goes well if you plan to wear a suit on your date. Select other two varieties to go with chinos and semi-formal denims. Match the colour of your belt with your brogues for that perfect prim and proper look.

Brogue shoes

For After-office Parties

Moccasins are the liberals of the fashion world, often seen as the rebel in the family. These slip on lightweight shoes with a flat sole can help you dress down according to the occasion. Some variations of the shoe have laces, mostly as part of its aesthetics.

These are made of soft leather material like suede that gives its elegant look a casual tinge. Hence, you can dress down by pairing your neutral light-coloured moccasin with denims and a formal shirt. For cold climate, a bright-coloured coat with a t-shirt would work wonders.

If we were to designate a name to its style, it would have been smart-casuals. Makes it easier to understand them, eh? For the basics, loose jeans are a strict no-no with these shoes. Narrow cut pants are preferable. Go with a slim-fit for the most suitable match. Cuff your jeans before leaving for the party, to add that extra breezy touch to your outfit.

Maroon Formal Moccasin