Trot down memory lane with Metro Shoes this Children’s Day

Come Children’s Day and every adult goes through a series of mixed emotions. The bygone years take us in the memory lane where gulli cricket and ice-cream candies were the only #lifegoals. There are particular things which stay with you for years. One such fond memory is that of wearing Metro Shoes as a kid. It was a routine to get in those comfortable sandals before hitting the playground. The short trips to the nearby grocery shop just needed sneaking in colorful slippers and family outings were all about showing off your new ballerinas. The simplicity of the days was complemented with the warmth of Metro Shoes. Now, the grown-up self aches to be a kid again and feel the same ease.

Even though Metro Shoes has grown with time, it has kept the childlike innocence alive and continues to serve us with the same fondness. One can say that Metro Shoes have aged with us and has caught the pulse of each generation. While we have become adults, Metro Shoes managed to hold on to the kid in it effortlessly. So, today when it serves impressive office and party footwear, the brand also stocks up its kids collection which is utterly colorful and oh-so-stylish.

This Children’s Day, Metro Shoes recalls the days of yore and opens its doors to the time when childhood meant living a carefree and innocent life. Let’s take a trip back in time, shall we?

  1. Gearing up for birthday parties.

Remember how it was a huge deal to celebrate birthdays? The standard menu of cake and wafers was highly appreciated and you were applauded for gathering a maximum number of balloons from the walls. The dress code had only one rule: be colourful. As kids, we pretty much loved our mum’s choice, especially the cute little ballerinas she used to get us. The easy-fitting shoes displayed adorable designs with pearls, bows and embroidered straps. Metro Shoes has kept intact the naivety, with ballerinas giving the same feel!



2. The time we aced the holiday looks.

Family vacations meant being implicitly up-to-date. The little us always wanted the latest shoes we saw in the market. Don’t believe us? Your pictures are a living proof of it. Today’s kids look nothing less than walking straight off the ramp – all thanks to Metro Shoes who have upped the game in kid’s shoes.


3. Dreaming big in small shoes.

When stepping into the elder’s shoes aka being an adult was the biggest dream, little did we know what all it brought with it. However, the shoes have simply picked the best of both worlds. This one is for those shoes which are just like us – age moulds us in the category of ‘adults’ while we are still kids at heart.

Treat yourself to sweet and bitter memories of childhood this Children’s Day. If you have a toddler, gift them your childhood with Metro Shoes’s kid’s collection.