The Right Shade of Moccasins for Traditional Events

When it comes to ethnic fashion for men, there are so many styles you can wear. Of course, you can mix and match to experiment with colours, patterns, and silhouettes, but the scope is only limited to a certain attire. And the rules are much simpler. So, it’s fairly easy for men to pick out a traditional outfit. However, the tricky part is starting from the bottom. The dilemma of what type of shoes can be paired with your newest sherwani is a confusing one, to say the least.

Here is where moccasins come into the picture. Like the heroes from the lore, moccasin shoes can rescue you from your worst fashion faux pas. Whether it’s a sherwani, jodhpuri or a simple kurta, pair them with anything and you will be ready to break out in thumkas anytime. However, it can be just as disastrous if the colour of your moccasins doesn’t complement your outfit. So before jumping to buy your favourite moccasin online, have a look at these tips to get the colour right:


Neutral Color

Neutral colour palette includes ivory, nude, beige, brown, grey, and black. These are the most basic colours available to you everywhere. They are also the most versatile as they can be paired with almost all colours. Their subtlety can complement almost all outfits and make you look distinctly polished. When pairing neutrals with other colours of the wheel, keep in mind their undertones. So, if your grey moccasin has cool undertones, pair it with a blue long kurta.


Complementary color

These are the colours that reside in the opposite sides of the colour wheel, like blue and orange or red and green. Complementary colours are great for colour blocking your outfit. If you haven’t already, it’s high time you experiment with complementary shoe colours that will bring out a nice contrasting pop to your outfit. If you don’t like a bold colour, opt for other shades from the same family. The trick to remember again is to mind the undertones. Wear an elegant black velvet sherwani, paired with a leather moccasin in rich oxblood shade. It will not only make you regal, but also suit the darker tones of your outfit.



Monochromatic Color

A favourite for many, monochromatic outfits have shades and tones from one colour family. They’re the easiest colour scheme to pull off with almost anything under the sun. Jazz out in your purple sherwani and pair it with lavender moccasins that will highlight the understated elegance of your look. Or keep an all-black look and bring some personality with grey coloured accessories. Wear a red short kurta under faded orange linen pants, paired with brown suede moccasins.

The world of fashion is full of colours. No matter what you choose to wear, just remember to have fun with it!