12 Shoes Styles According to your Zodiac Sign

Are you a strong-headed Leo, a free-spirited Pisces or a mysterious Scorpio? Do you think your sun-sign resonates with your shoe style? We may not be experts in astrology to confirm what the stars have in store for you, but we can ensure that you have a very stylish year ahead.

In the words of Marilyn Monroe, “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world”. Although often overlooked, this applies for men as well. The right shoes give men the confidence to strut in any room.


These are the ones that ooze out with confidence. For such a bold and outworldly personality, you need to rock a shoe that resonates your inner achiever. The gladiators for women are a perfect fit since they are liberatingly strong.

For men, sporting the similar personality, you need a striking shoe. We suggest you to opt for smart ethnic sandal shoes. They offer the perfect show-stopping comfort wear. It also helps bring out your intellectual personality.


Heeled slipons are for those who do not shy away from the limelight. If you are not afraid to make a statement and stand out, we suggest you bust out a classic pair of tan heeled slipons to tower inches above the rest.

If you are a man who likes to make an entrance everywhere you go, might as well take your best step forward. Sport a pair of two-toned shoes that will go brilliantly with a neutral sharp outfit.


A Gemini woman will strut in the room with an irresistible aura, always-in trend and bound to attract many eyeballs. Strappy, bright coloured stilettoes are the ideal pair of shoes to wear. These free-spirited women do not believe in confining themselves with basics.

Similar, shoes for men also carry an undeniable presence. Much like your personality, wear a pair of irresistible penny loafers the next time you hit the streets. These shoes are perpetually in fashion, thus, keeping you in vogue.


Practical, timeless and classic. These women embrace an old-school style, which is flirty yet comfortable. A pair of loafer is such footwear that can make your outfit look polished yet practical.

Talking about timeless classic, one such style that has withstood the test of the clock is derby shoes. They are practical and smart which still maintain comfort.


Known to have a powerful personality, Leo women are assertive yet subdued. They can strike the perfect balance between bold and benevolent. Wedges bridge this divide beautifully.  They provide height while still maintaining a feminine structure.

If you have a strong-headed personality on the outside but are warm on the inside, Brogue shoes are perfect for you. They have a fun, bold exterior with designer perforations, but also comfortable on the inside.


Efficiency is the middle name of a Virgo woman. They base most of their decisions on practicality and ease. Thus, ballerinas prove to be a multi-functional pair of shoes that can facilitate work and play.

If you are a go-getter, you need shoes that will facilitate your restless personality. For this purpose, sport a pair of tan Chelsea boots that will allow you to complete your daily work and head to the club right after.


For a social-bee like yourself, you need a pair of shoes that will allow you the ease to work in a crowded room. A perfect balance between sophisticated and fun are the heeled sandals.

If you are looking for a relaxed formal look, moccasins are the perfect choice. The closed toe provides the right amount of closure, whereas the slip-on feature makes them easy to wear.


A wild-heart and a passionate personality best describes any Scorpio. If you cannot strut your way out in strappy stilettoes, then no one else can. Choose neutral colours such as black, white or nude.

To bring out your wild side, yet stay slightly understated, you need to adorn the brouged Derby shoes. These are typically classic derby shoes with perforations or technically known as broguing patterns.


To expedite the travel junkie inside you, durability and comfort are key. Sporting athleisure, you need some sturdy boots or sneakers to give you the momentum to satisfy your travel dreams.

To satisfy your adventurous soul, sport smart sneakers. These shoes are entering the spectrum of everyday fashion as well. Thus, you can wear them for social events as well!


Focused, determined and productive women need a pair of shoes that will not only make them feel important, but also look stylish. For a strong personality like yours, a pair of black pumps will match your bold opinions.

To look confident and firm, you need to wear the right outfit. Pair your dapper suit with a classic pair of black oxfords. This will give you the courage to walk into any boardroom with all the confidence.


Not concerned about what others think, audacious and efficient, Aquarius women are powerful in their own way. Nothing screams strong independent women more than a pair of ankle length booties.  

In order to assert yourself, you need to stand out. To showcase a powerful strong personality, wear these deep red suede moccasins. The tassel adds an element of oomph to the shoe.


Wise yet introverted, artistic yet traditional, a Pisces girl does not like to experiment with bold choices. Wear a pair of nude stilettoes and feel your stylish best. The more comfortable you feel, the more confident you look.

For an understated look, you need a shoe that covers your toes. Pisces men, put comfort over any other criteria. Yet if you want to maintain a stylish outfit, wear horsebit loafers in neutral shades.