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Transitional Weather Must-Haves

October can be a very confusing month in terms of our fashion choices. It’s too late to be wearing bum shorts and flip-flops and it’s too early to bring out your knitwear. It’s also breezy enough to wear a light jacket, but too hot to wear a bulky jacket. So, the conundrum lies in the fact that what is to be worn, which fits the bill perfectly? The answer is a bit tricky, but transitional wear will save your style game.

Transitional weather demands transitional fashion. You need to have a great blend between your summer pieces and winter fashion, without looking out of season. The key is to find the perfect balance between summer woes and winter blues, by blending the best of both worlds into one comprehensive wardrobe. We’re showing you the perfect transitional pieces you need to make it through this season.

1. The Bomber Jacket

 This lightweight outerwear is extremely essential to be a part of your transitional wear wardrobe. You can layer your shirts and trousers with this jacket. Or, you could layer it with your skater skirt and a crop top.


2. The Waterfall Neckline Jacket

This type of jacket is perfect for when you’re traveling to and from work. It’s perfect to layer over shift dresses for work and slip dresses at night.


3. Slip Dress

Completely on trend with the “innerwear is outerwear” trend, a slip dress with a cover-up is just what the doctor prescribed to make it through this transitional weather.


4.Bell Sleeves

 Hello 90s. The 90s are back, big. Bell sleeved tops ain’t going nowhere this transitional season. They’re perfect with a pair of fitted trousers or even a pair of well-tailored shorts and sneakers


5.Chelsea Boots

It probably goes without saying that you need your boots to weather the swift breezes that are going to be blown your way. You need a pair of chelseas to make it through. Buy your pair here.

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If you’re going to brave this weather, you need to do it in style with these absolute must-haves.