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Peek- A -Shoe: The Best Ways To Store Your Shoes

No, we are not asking you to play hide and seek with your shoes. We know how valuable those red stilettos and black ballerinas are. It’s hard enough to find and select the perfect shoes for every occasion, let alone hiding them. With our ever growing shoe collection and ever shrinking closet spaces, it seems we are going to need a genie in a bottle to store all our favourite pairs with the care and love they deserve.
Well, since no mystical lamps are currently in sight why not stick with these super savvy and economic ideas of finding the perfect and most ample space for all your beloved boots and pumps. Here are some of the easiest and coolest ways to store your shoes:

1)  For Heels:

Heels due to their extra height and load pose a real challenge when it comes to storage or do they?  You can use the same heels as an anchor to save space.

  • Hangers; who would have thought our trusty little closet buddies, could be such great organizers:                                                                               Hangers
  • Ladders: Not just a space saver, it gives your room a rustic look effortlessly                                                                                                                              Ladders
  •  Bookcases: We know it sounds almost bucolic but you need to pile your classics together and make way for some cases2) Every Day Wear:
  • Everyday wear shoes need more open and accessible storage places but the care involved in the process is much less. Some of the niftiest ways to store your daily shoes can be:• PlannersPlanners                                                               •  Rods And Wall Mouldingsrods                                                               • BucketsBuckets


3) Cover Ups:

If you are a fan of keeping your shoe collection private or none of the displays mentioned above go with your overall room decor, covered spaces are your best bets. You can pick out closed box spaces or simply cover your storage area with a curtain or under your bed.

Cover Ups

Cover ups 2

Okay, these were some of the easiest ways of storing your shoes in a way that requires minimum time and effort. So, what are you waiting for? Get organising and happy de-cluttering to you!

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