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How to Clean Your Suede Shoes

Suede Shoes

Suede shoes exude a suave like no other. Whether it’s your prized loafers, your favourite moccasins or your precious boots, you need to take proper care of Suedes. The problem arises because suede can be a little tricky owing to the fact that it is so delicate and fiddly to work with. Stains and blotches are bound to appear, but don’t let that discourage you from flaunting your faves. We’re giving you some tips on cleaning your suede shoes so you can wear them and not worry.


  1. Invest in a Suede brush:

It may seem an extravagance to you now but wait till your Suede boots face their first shower or mountain trek. Buying a suede brush along with your shoes is nothing but a wise investment. These brushes are dual sided, having a soft bristle brush on one side, a wire brush on the other and sided with rubber bristles side to buff up your shoes’ shine. Make sure your shoes are dry before you brush the mud and dirt out.


  1. Use the block:

Using the soft bristle side, you can clean out the water stains and work the mud off your shoes with the wire brush but for the harder stains we believe you need to bring out the big guns. A big piece of… wait for it, Eraser. Rubber is very useful for getting rid of tougher stains and let’s say it’s our very own secret (Shh!)


  1. Spray it on:

Suede protector spray is a great way to add the final touches to your shoe cleaning and add that extra gleam. They not only protect your shoes from damage against water splashes, but also help give them a longer life. Spray the solution evenly on your shoes and let them sit for a while as instructed.  Do this at least once a year to protect that shine!


  1. The Kit Tip:

Smart and functional, a shoe care kit is a nifty purchase that you should really consider. With all your favourite products in one place, taking care of your shoes is a piece of cake. Also, these kits usually work for all different kinds of shoes, so your investment is absolutely golden.


  1. Caution> Cure:

Caution is better than cure; just the watch words you should base your shoe care habits on. Wearing your suede shoes during rains is an absolute No-No. Humid- hot weather is not the correct time either. Make sure to put a layer of clothing between your skin and shoes to protect damage from sweat. Also, keep colognes and perfumes far away from your boots.

Proper care and attention gives your shoes a longer life. Regular cleaning and polishing keep them spunky and sparkling new. So keep scrubbing and shining with your lovely Suedes!

Caution Cure