Tips To Take Care Of Your Shoes and Feet During Monsoon

Here we come in the Monsoon Season, the grey sky, the wind in the hair that blows away all our stress at evenings, the coffee mug and your window, ohh how can we not forget the sweet corn… all this makes so blissful isn’t it?

But what about your style to pop in and go hopping in this season? Here are some tricks or you can say hacks to crack this monsoon.

Monsoon obviously poses a lot of challenges, but don’t let the rains decrease your fashion quotient to sloppy and boring. Instead use the ideas below for pouring style this season:

1-Rains & Meeting?

Wearing formals is the ultimate nightmare for a rainy day, especially for the shoes. So here we have a hack all you can do is use a Pro Protect hydro shield for any type of Shoe let it be your favorite leather shoe.

It is a waterproof spray for your smooth, suede and nubuck leather bags, jackets and shoes. It acts like a protective shield for your leather articles against water, dust and oil so you don’t have to worry about your leather articles losing its charm. You can also explore Monsoon Footwear available at the Metro Monsoon Collection which gives you your perfect wear for rainy as well as for meetings.

We at Metro Shoes have the best and the most comfortable footwear for monsoons. Take a look at the entire monsoon collection here and discover the joy of pairing footwear with occasions. Trust us, you won’t look anything but modish.

A Simple Trick:- A dehumidifier in the right place can make all the difference. Place one in your shoe cabinet to do away with the excess moisture and keep your leather shoes fungus-free.

2- Guide your Step with these wear

A Hack: – When walking on wet ground, flip-flops can flick mud and dirt on the back of your pants. Wear sandals with strap for a secure and clean outing. Bright and happy colors make an ideal contrast against rainy days and can be carried easily.

For those days when you’re in love with the weather and want to grab some sweet corn with your family, we have an ideal pair of rain wear ballerinas at Metro that will let you enjoy the rains guiltfree. These are sleek and they look chic plus they can be worn anywhere because they are multi-purpose in their design and nature.

Black pumps are a perfect pair to kickstart monsoons at work. Designed for convenience and ease, these babies are a must have this season. You can wear them on western formals and on Indian wear as well.

In these, you can jump in the puddles or dance in the rain, they won’t give you dirt marks no matter how much you splash!

3- Switch to Rainy Wear

Avoiding wearing sports shoes, as they become a nesting spot for bacteria during monsoons, wear rainy shoes. Metro has styles curated for you from the monsoon collection. There are amazing designs for each occasion you step out.

Anybody can fall for these charming personality grey flower pumps look just as sweet as this type of breed. They look like they can carry off the innocent type with just the right amount of frills that could compliment their personality.

For those who loves camping and stepping out for adventures in rains. For adventures gives another level of excitement during rainy season. How about the comfort zone for your feet? Having Metro by your side you don’t need to worry. Here we have some cool, comfortable, perhaps the most dynamic from all personalities.

They look adventurous and sporty and this pair of loafers has just the right amount of girliness about them that goes with the fierce and free willed adventurous type.




4- How about Shoe Spa?

Yes, you heard it correct “Shoe Spa”. We pamper our feet but what about our shoes? Keeping our shoes clean and dry should also be a thing, what we mean is that this monsoon you need to give your shoes a spa along with your lovely feet.

Pamper your carefree footwear with our wonderful range of shoe care products. We assure you that once you use our shoe care products you might not want to go back to any other shoe care products. It is often said that subconsciously people tend to notice your shoes first, so why not wear clean and tidy ones rather than the untidy and shabby ones.

All our shoe care products have been pre-tested and have the right amount of chemicals so that the quality of your shoes does not deteriorate.

Here are some must have shoe care products to avoid smelly feet and shoes:

Cleaning Shampoo

Travelling for work means getting stamped at least once in a day. How to get rid of those ugly patches or stains off your dear and beloved shoes? Scrubbing is definitely not an option as there is a risk of your shoes getting worn out due to the excessive scrubbing.

Using this cleaning shampoo is easy and your shoes will become spotless in no given time. It can be used on all types of shoes, all you have to do is press the foam pump to release on a cloth and gently rub on the stained area of the shoe.

Crème Luxe

Keeping your leather shoes and bag nice sparkly might seem a task and hence you tend to avoid carrying/ wearing it that often. How about using our assorted crème luxe which is specially made for leather shoes, bags and articles.

Take it on a piece of cotton cloth and add a few drops of the product on the shoe/bag and leave it to dry. For better results leave it overnight.


Hydro Shield

As the name suggests, it is a waterproof spray for your smooth, suede and nubuck leather bags, jackets and shoes. It acts like a protective shield for your leather articles against water, dust and oil so you don’t have to worry about your leather articles losing its charm.

Spray it on the desired leather article approximately 15-20 cm away. For better results use it on a regular basis.

Shoe Deo

Stinky and unpleasant odour of your shoes is a big turn off for everyone around you. Stinky shoes have a high chance of fungal and bacterial growth in it.

The Pro Shoe Deo is highly effective because of its citrus fragrance. It can be sprayed on any type of shoe. Say goodbye to your smelly shoes and hello to your citrus smelling clean shoes!

We at Metro Shoes, want to make sure that not only your feet but also your shoes look good and marvelous. Monsoon is the time when your shoes are at a risk of getting worn out or getting covered with muck and gooey things. Our range of shoe care products are your best friends this season.