Pretty Little Heels From Metro

Wearing a pair of high heels helps refine your look and increases the glam factor in your outfit. High heels are the perfect fashion accessory for any occasion, whether it be a casual evening party or a fun summer stroll with friends. High heels are fashionable items that may be used with your favourite outfit to make you seem effortlessly gorgeous and fashionable. Our exclusive footwear collection of heeled pumps at Metro includes the newest styles and all kinds of varieties for you to choose from.

Glam Up Your Outfits with Women’s Heels 

Consider taking a quick look at the different styles of heels before deciding to buy high heels online. You can choose the high heels that suit you best, from the list below.

  • Platform Heels: Platform heels come in a variety of styles, including high-heeled sandals, boots, and shoes. These shoes are more comfortable for the feet than other high heels because of the thick section underneath the soles. Platform heel shoes, which have uniformly thick heels underneath the soles, are another variety. Numerous strappy high heel sandals in the newest styles are available here. 
  • Kitten Heels: Kitten heels are slender, short heels that were first popularised in the 1950s. They are still in style today. They are ideal for events where you wish to wear stilettos but still wish to look stylish. Pumps, peep-toe, open-toe and one-toe high-heel sandals are all styles that feature kitten heels. 
  • Wedge Heels: Wedge heels are distinctive high heels where the sole of the shoe curves inward from the front or midsection to the back of the shoe. Except for the thicker sole itself, there is no discernible heel. Pump shoes, wedged boots, open-toe shoes, and high-heeled wedge sandals are all readily available options at Metro.
  • Block Heels: Block heels are large high heels that can be found in high heel sandals, boots, and pumps. These pump shoes are fairly well-liked, adaptable, and cosy to wear. Blocks are incredibly useful high heels that provide a fashionable appearance while keeping your feet at ease.
  • Stilettos: Stilettos have long, thin heels that are higher than most other types of shoes. Stilettos are quite stylish, and models and celebrities love to flaunt them. 

Styling Heels like a Queen

Your heels can make or break your look. Learn how to style them right and look like a queen, wherever you go.

  • At the Office: Kitten heels are a fashionable option for the office. For the office, pair your chic kitten heels or gladiator heels with well-fitting jeans and shirts, midi dresses, pantsuits or formal one-piece outfits.
  • At a Party: Stiletto heels are elegant, multipurpose shoes that enhance the appearance of any outfit. Purchase a pair of black, naked, or gold heel stilettos and combine them with cocktail dresses, formal gowns, leggings, and denim clothing. 
  • At the Mall: All styles of apparel look great with flared heels. For a girl-next-door vibe, combine these with your favourite pair of jeans or skirts. You can even combine them with a printed maxi dress and casual accessories for an elevated look.

Get the Best Heels from Metro

Check out eye-catching solid colors, pastel tones, and breathtakingly vivid hues from the most authentic brands at Metro. Our return, replacement, and refund policy is also very customer-friendly, allowing you to feel more at ease when choosing to make an online purchase. Make a secured payment and sit back while we deliver your order to you. So wait no more. Shop for women’s heels from Metro today!