Shoe Care is Foot Care: Products to Keep Shoes Healthy & Happy!

We know that we are supposed to pamper our feet every now and then but what about our shoes? Shoe and foot care go hand in hand. That is why taking proper care of your shoes is essential. For instance, you should take the time out to keep your shoes clean and dry. You should also give your boots a spa just like you do with your feet! 

It is more common to invest in foot care creams and products, while we often forget shoe care products. Both play a significant role in keeping feet healthy and happy, so let us learn all about shoe spa! 

In this easy-to-follow shoe care guide, we provide step-by-step instructions on how to care and maintain different types of shoes. This includes tips for polishing, cleaning, and waterproofing your footwear. So let us get into it!

 Happy Shoes, Happy Feet: 5 Shoe and Foot Care Products

It is often said that subconsciously people tend to notice your shoes first. So why not pay more attention towards keeping them clean and tidy? It is better than risking a negative first impression with untidy and shabby shoes, right? 

Our shoe care products will help you avoid exactly that. These products have been pre-tested, and contain the right amount of chemicals so that the fabric or material of your shoes does not deteriorate. Here are five must-have shoe care products to keep your shoes good as new:

Shoe-Cleaning Shampoo

Get rid of those ugly patches and stains that make your beloved shoes look old. How? Simply use a shoe cleaning shampoo. It is super easy to use – all you have to do is press the foam pump to release the product. Then, use a cloth and gently rub the stained area and watch the dirt come right off.

Foot Spray 

This is an all-in-one foot care product that offers multiple benefits:

Acts as a foot sanitiser and keeps skin infections at bay.

  1. Offers odour control; cools down and relaxes tired and burning sensations. 
  2. Heals and softens cracked heels; helps remove dead skin and tan marks. 
  3. It is an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-itch, anti-rash and antiseptic product; it is totally safe and healthy to use. 
  4. It nourishes the toenails and helps prevent in-growth.

Shoe Care Creme

Keeping your leather shoes nice and sparkly might seem like a task. Maybe that is why you tend to avoid wearing them often. But not anymore! Our assorted crème luxe is formulated especially for leather shoes to provide care and deep nourishment. Furthermore, it refreshes the colour and lends a fantastic long-lasting shine to the shoe.

Hydro Shield

As the name suggests, this is a waterproof spray for all your smooth, suede, and nubuck leather shoes. It acts like a protective shield for the leather against water, dust, and grime, so you do not have to worry about your leather articles losing their charm. 

Shoe Deo

Shoe deo not only freshens up and protects your shoes but also provides a sweet fragrance to them. It is highly effective because of its citrus scent. So you can say goodbye to smelly shoes and hello to fresh, clean footwear with a shoe deodorant!

Don’t Forget To Keep Looking After Your Shoes

We at Metro Shoes want to ensure that your feet and shoes look good and feel even better in all seasons. Our range of shoe and foot care products are the best friends you need to treat your feet and shoes right. Give yourself the care you deserve by investing in these products. Pamper your footwear with exceptional shoe and foot care products available on Metro Shoes.