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SquadGifts  – Christmas Gift Pairings Your Friends Will Actually Love


We know what you are thinking. Christmas is finally here folks!

It’s that time of the year again. The time to start with the office secret Santa, time to start preparing for a party that is remembered throughout the century and most importantly time to buy gifts for your #Squad.

Now we may not hang stockings over the fireplace anymore but Christmas is nothing if not for our friends and family. This year why not shower our lovable chums with some gifts that are not only representative of who they are but of their spot in your close knit crew.

We all have that one friend who fangirls over every celebrity and the one whose life doesn’t exist beyond the virtual walls of social media. This Christmas celebrate all their quirks with these wonderful gifting ideas:

1) The one that has no chill:



#SoManyFeels! They live their entire life in this mode. Expressive, inquisitive and hyperactive, this friend of yours doesn’t believe in living life on the sidelines. The centre of all attention and drama, gifting them anything is super rewarding. A warm and cozy sweatshirt is an interesting gift together with some sparkling strappy sandals. This pairing matches their vibe and also reminds them to keep calm and carry on.

2) The one in a style rut


They have officially claimed that they shouldn’t be allowed to make any decisions, especially the ones related with the word, fashion.  And while you may believe in aesthetic freedom when it comes to styling but their recent bird shaped turban is the last stone. Styling kits to the rescue, gift them a collection of easy styling tutorials coupled with a LBD that they can use in case of a dressing crisis.

3) The one who tags you in all the memes:

Their existence is limited to social media platforms and their method of expression is tagging you in memes. While it may be cute once in a while, you sincerely don’t think all your moods match Jim Carrey’s weird faces (although a strong case could be made for it.) Gifting them a voucher for Yoga lessons along with a gorgeous hashtag necklace is a great idea.



4) The one bitten by the travel bug

Transient and adventurous, this is the friend that you get to meet only once a year (mostly at Christmas.) Their suitcase is their wardrobe and their travel stories give you major vacation envy. A sturdy and stylish handbag paired with some peppermint-scented candles is an awesome present for this little wanderer friend as it aids their travels and reminds them of home simultaneously.

5) The one who could use a spa day


Their work is life and life is work. While that may make this friend of yours super successful, their being is nothing short of a misery. Always tensed about their pending meetings and deadlines, your workaholic pal could really use a break. A comfy pair of Pajamas or a basket of bath salts along with a personalized planner is just the pairing for your chum. This gift helps them organize their haywire schedule while gently reminding them to relax.

6) The one who calls you out on your BS                                                                                                                        giphy-16                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Fluent in sarcasm and allergic to drama or any kind of staccato bursts of emotions, this friend of yours is just a step removed from anti-social. They are always on-point and so should be their present. A T-shirt with one of their wisecrack quotes besides a cuddly stuffed toy is just the present for your own personal advisor. It reminds them to keep sharing their wisdom while remaining a bit on the sweeter side.

So, what are you waiting for? Browse through our collection to find the perfect gifts for your buddies hassle free and oh don’t forget to tag them in the comments below.

Happy shopping and tidings, folks!

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