Top 7 Must-Haves for 2017: A Must have for your Wardrobe – Metro Shoes

With 2016 coming to a close, the fashion pundits have already begun forecasting the trends of 2017. To step toe to toe with the coming year, you have to keep your fashion game strong. And what better way than to pick up our favourite essentials, that we predict, are going to be absolute must-haves for the big 2-0-1-7?

  1. Tie Up Flats

We saw this trend be all the range in the closing months of 2016 and we can pretty much bet on the fact that its reign is going to continue through the next year. Chic and comfortable, make sure this pair sees the inside of your shoe closet this coming year.

  1. Sensible Dress Shoes

Fads come and go, but being well dressed never goes out of fashion. And an absolute timeless essential is the dress shoe. Here’s our guide on how to pick one that fits comfortably. Invest in a pair that will see you through the year and more.


  1. Light Up Sneaks

Need we say more? Light up the party (literally) with these playful and spunky sneakers that are as comfortable as they are cool. Unleash your inner child and watch them illuminate everywhere you go.

4. Dressy Off-Beat Shoes

You’ve got to have that one pair of shoes that is a little eccentric and brings out your hidden spark. Start with these shoes and let them do the talking. We’re sure you’re going to be at the receiving end of a number of compliments.

  1. Slides

Rihanna’s designed them, there are songs about them and they’re the new version of low-key cool. A girl’s got to have a pair of slides to get through the New Year. Slip them on on days when you just can’t, but you’ve just got to!

  1. Blue Moccasins

Men often shy away from shoes that are coloured, but our question is why? They look classy, cool and dapper. These blue moccasins are both comfortable and easy breezy, and must make their way into your collection in 2017.

  1. Sky-High-Glammed-Out-Sexy-As-Hell-Heels

‘Nuff said. Every girl must have a pair of these in her closet. Whether it’s to slay on girl’s night or just show off her revenge bod, these shoes top our list of must haves.

These are our essentials for the coming year. We hope and sincerely suggest they make their way into your closets. Metro Shoes wishes you all a year of happy feet and happier memories!