Sock It Up: 3 Best Ways to Match Socks with Your Outfit

Today, I am going to tell you about the story of a man’s lost interview. While we all have our tale of how we almost made it to that job but actually didn’t, this one’s as silly as it is significant. So, the boss happened to notice a major flaw (like bosses always do) that the candidate wore the wrong socks to the interview. ‘A man who can’t match his shoes to the socks, how will he match my company with the right clients’, the marketer concluded.

You may ask if these little details even matter, and let me tell you, especially these little details matter. Your approach towards small things that you think are less visible, actually gives away your basic personality. It’s time that you start working on grooming your whole persona.


  • Formal shoes for men like a Derby, an Oxford or a Brogue should preferably be worn with long socks that go over the calf. This restricts the sock from sliding down and provides a nice and narrow fit.

Black socks full length

  • With moccasins no-show socks are preferred, especially to fabricate a smart casual look for office and outings with colleagues. The reason being, these shoes are usually worn with slim-fit or tapered pants that highlight the shoe. Therefore, wearing a longer sock will interrupt the neat look.

Ankle length socks


While the right colour can give a better definition to your look, a wrong combination can impair it when the ill-matched sock comes in light. Here’s a basic guideline to pick the right partner for your formal shoes:

Socks colour

  • Align your choice of socks with respect to the colour of your pants, contrary to the poor belief of matching it with the shoes.
  • Plain solid-coloured socks club best with patterned pants.
  • Plain socks with solid-coloured pants should be worn in a contrasting colour scheme, which compliments both the shoe and the pant.
  • A two-toned sock is a great way to add a pop of dazzle to your attire. These actually give a wider palette where you get to match your outfit with two different tones, and the third mixture tone of the first two that forms the sock’s base colour.
  • Don’t go for a contrasting pair of socks if you are putting on a flashy suit. In such a case, stick to the colour that matches.


Stripe Socks

  • Shadow stripes, fine stripes, chalk stripes, glen check, houndstooth, tweed and clock are the most suitable patterns for formals fits.
  • Zig-zags and polka dots can be experimented with smart casual for relaxed Fridays or after office parties.
  • Knitted patterns is a trendy and sophisticated addition to the sock family, which serves as a trusted variety for traditional yet fresh formal appearance.

Don’t let a sharp outfit suffer because of the wrong socks. Bring these tips to use, today!