4 Ways to Wear a Slip-On to Suit Your Attire

If there’s one thing every man wants in his life, it’s comfort. A comfortable house, comfortable clothes, comfortable shoes, you name it, they desire it. There is also a popular circulated belief that to look good, you have to let go of comfort. Gucci Loafers are proof that that is the biggest myth of our time.

As far as shoes go, comfort is the foremost element of an optimum experience. And formal slip on shoes provide just that, with the right amount of glamour and style. Whether it’s a Sunday brunch or an office meeting, late night club calls or a reception party, you will find slip on shoes to be your perfect companion. And lucky for us, nearly every good brand has an extensive collection of these versatile men’s shoes online. Let’s see the many ways we can style them:

slip on for men

Fire up the formals

Tassel Loafer

More than the style, the key to styling formal wear with slip on shoes depends on the material you choose to wear. Your go to material for formal wear should be patent leather and suede. High quality leather looks luxe and adds dimension to your outfit. Nothing looks better than black patent leather. Opt for patent leather loafers and pair them with shades of navy, green or black for a classic look. You can try a bolder look with velvet patterned loafers that will instantly make you stand out. When going for a sharp, well-suited formal attire, stick to tasselled or horsebit loafers.

Jamming in jeans

slip on jeans

Durable and all-time classic, jeans are an excellent option for comfort wear. When it comes to wearing denim with formal slip on shoes, your best option is straight-leg jeans. Neither too lean nor too baggy, they are the perfect silhouette to complement your shoes. Suede loafers in traditional brown colours with blue jeans make for a casual yet chic combination. The point to remember is that casual does not mean sloppy. So make sure the rest of your outfit is polished to avoid seeming off-the-cuff. For a more polished aesthetic, pick black leather loafers with your blue jeans. You can throw on a sharp blazer or dinner jacket to enhance your look. Chelsea boots go extremely well with jeans and offer a more rugged appearance to the wearer.

Chilling with chinos

chinos and slip on

Chinos and boat shoes go hand in hand. Chinos are neither too dressed up nor too casual. For a grown up daywear, chinos are the go-to choice for many men. For a semi-casual look, wear chinos in classic colours and complement them with a bold slip on. If you want a dash of colour in your outfit, keep your clothing minimal and experiment with textured loafers in jewel tones of rubies, emeralds, and amethysts. Wear your chinos with simple tees or opt for patterned shirts. Keep your colour palette in subdued colours like white, beige and yellow to highlight your shoes.

Impeccable in Indian

malhotra in slip ons

This is a tricky affair, but when styled right, can do wonders for your style game. Whether its dhoti pants or tailored trousers, loose salwar or a pathani suit, you can never be wrong with slip on shoes. For a more high-end festive look, wear a velvet bandh gala jacket with breeches and velvet tasselled loafers. Experiment with palettes of cherry reds, navies, and greens to add more drama to your look. For a more laid-back appearance that is still equal amounts stylish, opt for an all-black ensemble of suede slip ons, tapered pants and simple kurta topped with a statement jacket. Add a small jewelled brooch to add a touch of elegance to the outfit.