Shoe Profile: Wedges – Metro Shoes

In case you hadn’t noticed, the flowers have been blooming and the runways have been exploding with models- it’s spring! It’s time to put away you’re your comfy hoodies and say hello to your ditsy sundresses. Your shoes will follow cue and you have to bid a bittersweet farewell to your boots, to welcome your cutesy wedges.


Introduced in the early 1930s by Italian fashion giant, Salvatore Ferragamo, this shoe gained popularity because of its functionality. Due to the shortage of leather and rubber during World War II this shoe, which was composed of cork gained a large market share. The beauty of these shoes was that they added height without the pain! Flats offered no height and stilettoes were painful to walk in. So the answer was simple- wedges. However, this trend died down and didn’t resurface until the 1970s.


Since the 70s, the wedge heel has been a staple in every woman’s closet. While building your shoe closet, a wedge heel must find itself in your collection. It’s effortless and elegant. The shoe is also extremely versatile and can be paired with almost anything, ranging from those bodycon dresses to boot cut jeans. They can be worn to work, to weddings, to clubs, for brunches and even when you’re running the most mundane errands!

At Metro, we absolutely adore this style of shoes. You can find them here: We carry an array of wedges ranging from ethnic to casual and even formals versions of this must have. Here you’ll see our wedges being their multifaceted selves matching a plethora of outfits.




Kick it in style with Metro’s wedges. You couldn’t treat your feet any better than this!