International Women’s Day

For centuries and centuries, women were treated as the weaker, less important sex in the what has been touted as a “man’s world”, time and again. Somewhere along the way, women realised that they are in fact equal counterparts in society and deserve to be treated just as a man would. Over the last century, women have established themselves as, if not greater, but as the equivalents of the males in society. In this day and age, we’ve seen the women of the world get equal rights, equal opportunity, equal wages and equal representation in the governments of the world.

March 8th of every year is a day dedicated only to women, their struggles, the successes they’ve acquired over the years and their constant strive to abolish any inequality. The woman of 2016, is a sharp shooter. She’s a multifaceted human being, who can juggle her duties in the bedroom and boardroom. She is a woman who can step toe to toe with any man out there. She will not be discriminated against. She will not stand for injustice towards her kind. She is free. She is independent. And she will survive.

At Metro Shoes, we are all about empowering the modern day woman. We help her step toe-to-toe with the world, all the while keeping her style, grace and elegance present in our designs. She juggles an array of avatars in her life, and we’ve taken it upon ourselves to make each of them gorgeous. We give her the confidence she needs to step into each of her incarnations, and feel unapologetically fashionable.

Metro Shoes salutes her bravery and her drive. To all our lovely ladies out there, we bow our heads to you and appreciate everything you do. You go, girrrrrl.