Republic Day

On our 67th Republic Day, as Indians, we must take great pride in our nation. A nation that has risen above and overcome the damage done to it for over 200 years, for the last 67 years. The significance of the Republic Day lies in the fact that our Constitution after years of research and analysis came into being on the 26th of January, 1950. After a toilsome journey, India finally was recognised as a sovereign nation.

Metro has been a part of India’s history from the year she attained her freedom. We have watched this country grow and become the great nation it is today. It gives us immense pride and joy that we have been a part of this journey and seen India grow from strength to strength.

This Republic Day, we take a look back at how much Metro has also grown with this nation of ours. We’ve come a long way from a stand alone store to having over 160 stores in over 80 cities across the country. Like our Motherland, we intend to keep progressing by adjusting to an ever-changing world. So join us in our journey as we aim to keep up with this dynamic country!

Jai Hind!

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