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Sneakers are everywhere. It won’t be incorrect to say that those are one of the few things which are omnipresent – Be it at college corridors, workplaces, public sites or sports complex. This comfortable style has truly picked up the pace and popularity in last few years and is in demand for its flawless combination of style and ease. Also known as trainers, trekkers, gym shoes, sports shoes, takkies, kicks, joggers and canvas shoes, sneakers are used by youngsters, elders, kids, men and women alike.

It is believed that the shoe type got its name when a particular American advertising agent named Henry Nelson McKinney was working for N.W. Ayer & Son. This term was used because this stealthy shoe was made from a rubber sole. Another probable reason why the shoe is ‘sneaker’ is because of the absence of sound after the sole touches the ground in contrast to the noisy hard leather sole shoes.

Known as plimsolls in the 1870s, one of the standard characteristics of this shoe type was the colored horizontal strap joining the upper side of the sole. These shoes were widely used by sportsmen for games like tennis and were developed further in terms of sturdy grip for the British Army. Sneakers became extremely popular in the 1920s. J.W. Foster and Sons, a British company,  developed and produced the first shoes designed for running in 1895. They provided good speed and smooth friction and were in high demand by the athletics around the world. This success was followed by bagging a contract to manufacture running shoes for the Summer Olympics of 1924 for the British team.

The shoe type was molded by various companies over years to fulfill different purposes. It was in the 20th century in America that these shoes were formally called as ‘sneakers’. These were developed and used for national sports and wars. As time passed, sneakers were developed individually for men and women.

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Today, the market for this type of shoe is huge and still in demand. The shoe type has gone through a sea of change and today, as we all know, we have sneakers exclusively for running, dancing, jogging, tennis, basketball, hiking etc. And Metro Shoes has a line of sneakers that’ll make you want to hit to cart right away. We have them in an array of styles, for both men and women to choose from. Buy sneakers online here and you will not be sorry, as we stay up to date with the trends and ensure that you have a shoe closet that will be the cause for envy.

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