9 Hacks to Keep Your Formal Shoes Clean

The best fashion advice I have ever got is, ‘while dressing, don’t think of right or wrong, think instead about what strengthens you’. Heard people saying, dress for yourself? That’s because how we look on the outside, is how we feel inside. It works the same way for everyone. If you feel what you wear is the right fit, gives the apt comfort and aligns with the occasion, you feel confident about your skills that reflect in your demeanour too.

A formal occasion, especially, calls for close attention to this rule, as it requires both a prim and proper appearance and a confident approach. While designing these formal looks, men give special importance to their footwear pondering over the right shoe for the event. But the work doesn’t end when you find your pick, you also need to prep your shoes for the big day.

Clean Formal Shoes

Leather is the superstar of formal shoes! And why not, it comes with a natural lush that’s unmatched with any other material. But as every good thing comes with an extra cost, leather requires extra maintenance. Unlike a casual brunch, a coffee date or yet another day at work, a formal setting won’t neglect the dull and dirty of your shoe. So we present here nine hacks as to how men’s shoes should be taken care, so that every step spells elegance:

  • Polishing your shoe without removing the grime is like contouring your face without washing it first; the result being, dirt seeps into the skin and causes internal damage. Always start your shoe-cleaning routine by wiping off the surface with a cloth or a brush.

Polish your shoes

  • The luxury leather shoes stay in the closet, in the box, or anyplace that is safe. However, much like anything great, leather too likes its own share of exposure. Sitting inside all the time, on the contrary, starts to degrade it by forming a mucky white layer on its surface. If you are not using your shoes very frequently, ensure that you let leather breathe in open air every once in a while. Avoid exposure to sun, though.
  • You can apply leather conditioner to enhance its shine. A mixture of vinegar (one part) and linseed oil (2 parts) serve as a homemade leather conditioner. Apply it on your shoes, leave it for 15 minutes and buff it with a soft cloth to give it the final touch.
  • To clean a greasy patch on your shoe, sprinkle some baking soda or corn starch on it. Dab it over the affected area gently and leave it overnight. The soda/starch will absorb the oil and you can wipe it off clean in the morning.
  • Ink stains are a nightmare for any material, like an ant, even the smallest of the devil can create a big havoc. Put some nail polish remover on a swab of cotton and put it over the stain to help it absorb the ink. Be careful that you do not rub it or else you will end up smearing the ink, making it more visible. Keep blotting gently until the stain is gone and then clean it with a damp cloth. You can dry the shoe by using a towel in the end.
  • Polishing your shoe is a significant way to make it look clean, fresh and glimmery. However, it is very easy to over-do the wax/polish that will turn out to be tacky. Use small amounts of polish/wax multiple times, instead of taking a big chunk at once and then smudge it all over the surface. Also, polish in a circular motion to maintain an even look and buff the shoes with a soft clean cloth to remove the excess, in the end.
  • Suede shoes are like fountain pen, as powerful as delicate. Scuff its surface with a rubber eraser and brush it off with a suede brush. These brushes are specialized to restore its natural appearance.

Suede shoes

  • Suede is a delicate material, very vulnerable to intense weather conditions. Use a silicone spray such as Vetro Power from Metro Shoes to weatherproof your suede shoes. Repeat it every year to keep up its protection cover.
  • Nothing undermines the appearance of a shoe like dirty or worn out laces. Remove and wash your laces to keep them looking fresh and clean, and replace them at regular intervals. New laces are a great way to revamp your shoes.

Taking good care of your shoes embellish your appearance in social/professional gatherings, every time you wear them. Furthermore, regular maintenance makes the material last longer, so you get the most out of your investment. If you wish to boost your collection with new trends, you can buy formal shoes online.