Brogue – Formal Shoes Profile | Metro Shoes

Brogues are a staple. Period. Every man needs a pair of these beauts in his wardrobe. These shoes are easily identifiable due to the broguing pattern found on the shoes. They are classics and find their origins in Ireland, where the term “brog” literally translates into “shoe”. However, interestingly, they were considered outdoor shoes that could be worn out on the country fields and were considered inappropriate in a formal or business environment. But oh, how the times have changed. Brogues are now considered a formal shoe that can be worn for gentleman-ly effects in the boardroom or ballroom.

Brogues are differentiated into 4 styles depending on the pieces of the shoe are sewn together, being the full-wing (also called, wingtip), semi-wing, quarter-wing or longwing. Full-wing brogues have a pointed toecap, with the wings extending along the toes having perforations along the toe and the wing. Semi-wing brogues only have perforations on the toecaps, and are considered more formal than wingtips. The quarter tips only have the serrations along the seam of the toecaps and are the most formal types of brogues perfect for business attire. The longwings have become rarer in recent times and are identified by their characteristic perforations that extend along the entire length of the shoe, without having a separated toecap, although it is pointed.

But here’s the confusing part: Brogues are not a type of shoe, broguing is a techniques that can be applied to any type of shoe. Stumped? Broguing as defined by Merriam Webster’s dictionary, is an ornamentation of shoes employing heavy perforations and pinking. Therefore, it stands to reason that a shoe, any shoe, with perforations is a brogue – no matter if it is a Derby like the Budapester or Oxford shoe.


This brogue is the perfect specimen for the classy and stylish shoe. Being a fairly formal shoe, it makes for a fitting choice to be worn with trousers and slacks and even suits. Keep it stylish with some matching accessories and a blazer to be semi-formally dressed.