A Gifter’s Guide For Rakhi – Metro Shoes

Blogpost1Raksha Bandhan is upon us!

The day of the year ordained to celebrate the sacred bond of love and trust that siblings share.  The day on which sisters have earned the fair right to be pampered and showered with adoration and gifts. Also the day that has brothers scrambling to put themselves together and buy their sisters the bequest they so deserve.

However, this year no excuses shall be acceptable for sloppy behaviour. We know it’s no easy feat to find the perfect present for your darling sister but where there is a will, there is a way.

Here are some ideas that you can use to find a great present for your sister this Rakhi:

Don’t Pop The Balloon:

Easiest plan first! Gifting cash or a voucher is not only convenient; it is also considerate and generous. But gift envelopes are so old school. Also the mystery quotient associated with a money hugger is next to zero. Why not get creative? Place your cash in inflated balloons and gift a bunch to your sister. Don’t forget to write, ‘Pop all of them for extra joy! ’ to complete this amusing and peppy rakhi gift.

Pump It Up:

It’s no mystery, girls love their shoes especially their stylish and chic Pumps. This gift is your sure shot ticket to earn your sister’s gratitude and admiration. All you have to do is find out your sister’s shoe size (which we like to believe is not rocket science) and browse through Metro’s exclusive collection of pumps and sandals for your unique Rakhi present. Click here to find your ideal pair.

Delicate Confections:

How can we forget chocolates? We believe it’s safe to assume older or younger your sister loves chocolates. A wonderful bouquet of her favourite assorted chocolates would be just the present for Rakhi.  You can also get them customized to suit her personal taste.

Pamper Hamper:

Picking out the ideal gift for your elder sister can be quite the quandary but don’t worry this problem also has a simple solution. Pamper her worries away. Curate a wonderful hamper for her with unique foot care products that you can buy here. You can also include a spa voucher or a feet therapy session for her and a little Clinique never hurt anyone.

Décor-It For Her:

Don’t worry we are not advising you to retile her floor (though you should consider doing it sometime) but simple and cute décor knick knacks like picture frames and mugs are a wonderful way to say you care for your sister.

Trinket Manifest:

Jewellery, of course. It may seem like an obvious idea but gifting gorgeous trinkets to your sister will never get old. You can customize these jewels to her personal style or get her favourite quote carved out on it; it is sure to be a memorable present for her.

So keep these ideas in mind while picking out the model Rakhi present for your sister and make this day even more special.