Conversations Inside A Shoe Closet

The black stiletto was just enjoying herself in her space alone in the closet. Her mates were yet to come in. Just when she was thanking the lord of not being worn very often that’s when the very tired yet charming Mr. Oxford walked into the closet.









Oxford: Missed me?

Stiletto: In your dreams. You’re so full of your self Oxford.

Oxford: Not as much as you. You aren’t worn enough and resting in the closet has made you lazy.

Stiletto: Thanks but I’m not asking career advice from you. Why don’t you just go do your thing. I was busy thanking the lord you know.

Oxford: haha thanking the lord for giving you a luxurious life huh? Lucky you you are not like me I’m worn every day and I have to travel miles and I’m done.

Stiletto: Poor you! Don’t worry you have exactly 8 hours to rest so make the most of it.

Oxford: Aww you care about me?

Stiletto: umm kind off you’re my closet member after all you know

Oxford: Sure pretty lady. Sure.


The closet door is opened by one of the owners. The two become all quite. There comes little Miss Ballerina

Ballerina: Hey people! I’m so dead tired today. God!

Oxford: Hey ‘I’m so dead tired today!’

Ballerina: You and your lame jokes really need some rest Oxford! You need some sleep which would heal you from lame jokes issues!

Stiletto: lol good one. Must say you haven’t lost your wit yet.

Ballerina: I come here with hot gossip and this Oxford makes it about himself!

Oxford: What gossip?

Ballerina: See he is the first one to be interested, Gossip monger.

Stiletto: You two seriously have some issues! Anyway what’s the gossip?

Ballerina: So today she wore me so carelessly I almost slipped on the road! She really needs to learn how to take care of me.

Oxford: True, true.

Stiletto: You mean shush shoe!

(The three start laughing uncontrollably over it)

Suddenly the loafer is up from his deep nap.

Loafer: Hey guys this idleness has consumed me. (says it while yawning)

Oxford: Hey Loafer, don’t be a loafer! (laughs again)

Ballerina: We really need to stop our puns or else if we hurt Mr. Loafer, his scars won’t heel.

Loafer: Mr. Oxford, should I tell Miss Stiletto how naughty you were with the previous  Miss Pumps?

Oxford: Hahaha. You got me.

(The closet door has been opened again and everyone is silent again, the owners get their Oxford and Stiletto out for a dinner party)

Ballerina: C’mon Mr.Loafer time to sleep. The other two are out for a lovely evening now.

Loafer: Sure kid. Good night.