Be Ready for Any Challenge in Corporate World

A popular saying goes along the lines of “appearance is everything”. In a world where jobs are spread as thin as that butter on your toast, this saying could not be truer. Never has office attire been as versatile as this modern age, where work is not just a place to go but something to take along with. Appearances matter, and so do first impressions. Making the right fashion choices may not magically improve your work, but it will give you the confidence to nail that presentation you’ve been dreading.

However, office attire has also never been as confusing as this modern age, where CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg have redefined the office environment. The thing to remember here, though, is that not every office is Facebook HQ and not every boss is a Millennial with a penchant for flip-flops. The corporate world will throw many challenges at you. To plant your feet firmly into the ground, you need to wear the right formal shoes. Build your arsenal with these styles:

For that big interview

Tan derby shoes

At the first sight, most hiring managers judge you based on the outfit you wear. Your attention to detail and the choices you make reveal your personality and work ethic. And shoes are the foundation of your outfit. Make your presence felt with a dashing pair of brown formal shoes that display your sense of style and versatility. You can either go with clean-cut derby shoes, or spin a creative tale with quarter brogues. Top it up with sharp navy trousers paired with a white shirt, and you’re good to go.

For that important meeting

tan oxford shoes

Maintaining proper attire in business meetings is as essential as punching yours in the card. Everyone knows that a well-dressed man will effectively grab more attention than a guy in simple khakis. When you make the effort to look your best for a meeting, you tell others that you are willing to go the extra mile. To make that powerful statement, you need shoes that display your dedication and confidence in yourself. Avoid your latest formal shoes with their decorative embellishments. You don’t want to bring distractions to the table. Instead, make a statement with classics. Opt for black leather shoes in the styles of Derby and Oxfords. You can also experiment with brown monk strap shoes, that are perfect to set yourself above the rest. These shoes will subtly reinforce that you are the right guy to depend on, without being too flashy.

For that business party

men loafers and mocassins

Now here is where you fire up your style game to the maximum. A business party is where you make connections and build relationships. To dress well here is to show that you are worth the while. Bring out those stunning tasselled loafers and have fun with the attention you get. If tassels are not your cup of tea, have a go at an elegant pair of Horse-bit loafers. A lovely pair of suede and leather two-toned brogues will also help you make an entrance. Remember, as long as you wear it with confidence, everything is right.