Derby Dressing – Metro Shoes

Horses, hats and hotties, need we say more? It’s that time of the year again- it’s Derby season. The derby is hands down, one of the classiest events you’ll attend this quarter. And when the Derby comes a-calling, you have to be dressed to the T. With posh hats, racing jockeys and the rush of betting on the right horse, the Derby is here in all its glory. The Derby is not only a race of equestrians; it’s also the ultimate fashion race. And the winner leaves their audience looking like this


We’re breaking down our favourite looks for the Derby this year. Adorn these looks and you’ll be pulling a serious Bruno Mars.


For women, it’s all about the silhouette at the derby. Keep it classy with a midi skirt and a statement necklace. And the perfect way to accessorize this look will be to wear a pair of wedges that will add the oomph without the pain!


This is the perfect time to transition from a man to a lad. Dress sophisticated in a checkered shirt, a smart blazer but amp up your style with these bottle green chinos. Tuck your shirt in to show-off your a-la-mode woven belt. Complete your look with these trendy Da Vinchi shoes.


The Derby is where you show the world your true fashion acumen, sip on some mimosas and bet on your favourite horse. So go ahead, pick a winner whether it’s your horse or your outfit!