Why Derby Shoes can be a Man’s BFF

Exchanging clothes, dressing up, sharing shoes and make-up tips is common among girlfriends. However, with men the dynamics are different. Men take pride in parading their extensive collection of sneakers. They have dedicated pairs for when they go to kick it in the field, one for sweating it out in the gym and another for casual wear. However, as a man there will be times when you have to attend a formal party, a wedding perhaps or your usual work attire. In such scenarios, unfortunately, your sneakers will not do you any good.

Just as one can be picky about selecting clothes, it is okay to throw a fuss over what dress shoe to purchase. If you are a sneakerhead who wants to add some versatility to your closet, Derby shoes is a great place to start. Much like your best friend, derby shoes will never disappoint you. These open-laced robust shoes are a close cousin of our favourite Oxfords, but provide the perfect breather from the formality.

Here are three reasons why you need to add a pair of Derby shoes in your wardrobe today!

Devoid of the Drama

Just as your best friend who accepts you for who you are, Derby shoes do not ask for much either. They provide the perfect mix between a formal and a causal look. You can dress up a smart-causal look with a suave pair of tan derby shoes and be good to go. A smart sports coat, jeans, dress shorts or even smart business attire. You can also experiment with cognac derby shoes, which go beautifully with a charcoal suit.

Derby Shoes

Go with the Flow

Your relationship with your best friend is supposed to be fun and easy going where you do not have to think twice before doing something. Similarly, derby shoes can play along with every occasion. If you want to go for a stroll in the park, break out your brown suede derby shoes and pair them with ivory chinos and a linen navy blue shirt. You can wear the same pair at a formal event, which requires a smarter look.

brown derby shoes

Best of you

Best friends are supposed to encourage you to feel your best and look your best. By providing honest opinions and insightful observations, they can make you the best version of yourself. Derby shoes will be your outfit’s best man and complementing each item perfectly; giving you an overall dapper look. If you want to play it safe, adorn a pair of jet-black leather derbies that can seamlessly transition from day to night.

Black Derby Shoes

If you want to switch things up, you can also pair mix-bread derby shoes. Here we are talking about derby shoes that have minimalistic broguing or even boots that are inspired by the derby structure.