Put your best foot forward this Ganesh Chaturthi!

Ganesh Chaturthi is here! There’s music, there’s crowd, there’s yummy modaks we all love to gorge on, there are long queues to take the blessings of dear lord Ganesha and most of all there’s this energetic vibe in the air that unites people in a bond of pure intent to reach their prayers to Bappa. The 10-day festival is packed will devotees making their way across the city to seek his blessings. What a wonderful time it is to bask in the glory of positivity everywhere around you during this auspicious time!

It’s a time when family, friends, relatives and neighbours get together dressed in their best to invoke Ganesha, the god of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune.  It goes without saying that everything you wear during this period has to be outstanding so that you can please the Lord. Most get this fact right and wear their most treasured outfits and jewellery but tend to neglect the footwear.

Well, don’t think it will go unnoticed that your footwear doesn’t match your outfit! Or that you can get away with an old pair in fear you will lose your new shoes. We have curated a list of Kolhapuris that will enhance your look during these 10 days. Also, standing in long queues requires you wear something comfortable. So take a look at these beautiful sandals and make up your mind on which ones you’re going to pick for this season!

 Pandal Hop Fashionably

All decked up in your nauvari saree? Wear these black ethnic kolhapuris to complete the look of a typical Maharashtrian mulgi! Mix it up and match it up as you go from house to house or pandal hopping to seek blessings of Ganpati Bappa.


Dance with Grace

As Ganesh Chaturthi begins, get ready to sway to the thumping beats of the dhols and tashas! Step up your comfort quotient as you dance endlessly to the beats and roll away with these kolhapuris. Add the dash of a nose ring to keep up the festive vibe.

For the After Parties

Everyone is all set to welcome Bappa and you are up to date with the current trends and are definitely going to dress for the part. Don these traditional kolhapuris with a twist of wedged heels. Pair it with a floral anarkali or a peacock blue saree to complete the traditional look.


For all the Devoted Men

These are for all the men volunteering at mandaps for Bappa. You are the one who is always connected deep to his roots. So why not opt for the traditional and typical tan brown coloured kolhapuris. The brown colour adds the whole ethnic Maharashtrian value to the outfit. Pair it with anything and everything and you are good to go.

Keep it Simple

Wear these beige coloured kolhapuris to look your best and provide comfort to your feet as you wait to visit your Bappa in long queues. These are so comfy you won’t feel the pinch of waiting for long hours.

We, at Metro Shoes believe that it is mandatory to keep up with the festive mood and hence have come up with this beautiful range of kolhapuri chappals for men and women to complete the ethnic look for this Ganesh Chaturthi!