#ShopToSlay at the Metro Shoes Online Night Market

The Metro Shoes Online Night Market is back and with it comes the excitement of purchasing a pair or more of your choice at a steal deal. This is definitely #ThrowbackThursday for our previous customers but something new for our first timers. Get ready to pull up your sleeves, block your seats and jump on the sale of the century!

All the night owls and even the ones who aren’t, here is your chance to update your shoe closet for the upcoming festive season and sizzle with the absolutely comfortable and trending picks for this season.

Keep a tab on the clock and block the date i.e. 20th of September to drive away your mid-week blues. Keep your coffee brewing at one side, stack up your cards on the other and be prepared to be glued to your screen as you scroll through our collection and add it all to the cart because too many shoes is just a myth!

This 12 hour (8 P.M – 8 A.M) sale is your once in a lifetime chance to stock all kinds of footwear you need to make a statement. Make sure to have your feet measured in advance as you don’t want to miss out on buying that one pair because you aren’t familiar with your shoe size chart at Metro Shoes.

We have an array of footwear collection for all your needs-right from the office wear to the ethnic wear for the upcoming festivities. It’s safe to say that all that you need is under one roof and will be delivered to you at your doorstep without the chaos of you having to carry it all. With 250+ shoe styles on sale make sure to pick a pair or more to suit your personality and more importantly the ones that would help you slay no matter what the occasion.

We at Metro Shoes urge you to roll up your sleeves and get comfortable in your PJs while sipping your coffee to be ready for this once in a blue moon virtual night market sale. So ready, steady, go!


At the end of this sale, we are 100% sure that this is going to be you with your new babies, oh we mean new shoes. 🙂