Metro Shoes brings Happy Feet for City Winters

Winters are our personal favourite considering the mood it sets in and engulfs the surroundings in a misty atmosphere. It always takes us by surprise. Some year it arrives and makes us take out all the sweaters from the cupboards and another year it makes us question its existence. Even after all its mood swings, we still love the winters. The cold mornings, the pleasant afternoons and the chilly nights seem perfect to relax and snuggle all day long. Now that the season has started to set in, it is time to take out the winter wear which hardly sees the light of day. The jackets, mufflers and monkey caps need matching shoes if anything. Metro Shoes has picked its special winter footwear to keep the fashion game strong in the fourth season of the year.

  • The brown beauty is here to add a lot of drama to your winter look. Boots have a smart and extremely stylish finish to it and it makes your audience appreciate the sense of vogue you carry!

  • The fashionistas swear by the anything and everything black. A safe bet for all seasons, the black boots fit the bill of being the right choice for a party as well as for your office meetings. Winter was never fashionable before, was it?


  • The European style boots just got a refined touch! Perfect for your evening strolls,  the Camel Casual Boots is a must-have in your winter shoes collection.

  • Comfortable to the core, the plain green of the men’s shoes match the vibe of the season. All you need to do is get in these rugged boots to get into the groove.

  • Red is the colour of Chirstmas and we have extended the celebrations over the season. Giving us major winter fashion goals, the ultra contemporary shoes are a dream to walk in.

  • Solid luxury and the ultimate sophistication for the season is here! The Black Casual Boots suit well for day-long work commitments followed by unwinding on a cold night.

  • Boots are known for their closed structures, thereby providing full cover to your feet. The well-fitting treat from Metro Shoes are bound to attract the right attention.

  • Adorable as always, white never fails to surprise us. Walk, jump and explore the city like never before under the sun with these boots with a blue sole and laced pattern.

  • Known for providing holistic accessories for your feet, Metro Shoes has introduced lightweight socks for men and women to match with the footwear.









This winter, keep your feet happy with Metro Shoes while you sip mugs of hot chocolate and chill!