7 Milestones of 2017: Metro Shoes is set to take a plunge into 2018!

Metro Shoes has prided itself on catching the vibe of the youth and helping generations and generations put their ‘best foot’ forward.  The shoe game has just gotten better and stronger every passing year. By staying abreast with the ever-changing fashion, we have known what our customers like the best. Now that we are in the last week of 2017, it is time to have a look at how important and big the past 12 months were. Before jumping into the new year, we would love to sit back and play the amazing flashback of the special moments and achievements of Metro Shoes. Take a walk with us as we go back in time and relive the highlights of 2017!

1. New stores opening new opportunities

From one shoe store in Colaba, to having more than 160 stores across India, we have really walked a long way.  Metro Shoes store has a leverage to connect with its customers and have a one on one feedback. 2017 has been a fulfilling year in terms of expanding stores. By opening 16 new stores across India this year, we have connected with you on a ‘ground’ level like never before.














2. Giving a face to the brand

Every brand has a vision. We were lucky enough to rope in 2 people who connect with the brand as well as with the current generation. Katrina Kaif and Siddharth Malhotra came happily on board to step in our shoes and translate the tone of the brand.  As flawlessly as they did, the TVCs and online campaign were a hit amongst the users. It won’t be a surprise if you see our two stalwarts staring back at you from the billboards.

















3. A yearly much deserved recognition and ‘foot’age

A little pat on back for all the work never hurt anyone. Likewise, the following awards sent our spirits soaring:

  • Metro shoes won ‘’ Footwear Retailer Of The Year’’ award at the prestigious annual Star Retailer Awards 2017.
  • Recently the company won ‘’Shinning Star Commercial Partners Of The Year’’ award by GMR -IGI Airport 2017.
  • Won the ‘’ Most Preferred Womens Brand 2017 ‘’ award at the Femina 4th World Leadership Congress & Award.

4. Customer count: 28 lakh and counting!

A feather in our cap, the Club Metro customer count crossed the mark of 28 lakhs in 2017. A feat to remember, this number make us take a bow to all the dedicated customers who have proved their loyalty from time to time.

5. Shout-out to positive feedback

Customer feedback is considered to be a mirror of the brand. The more the positive response from the users, the more your customer is liking the product. 2017 reached a peak of happiness when the percentage of positive response from January 17 till date touched 86%.

6. Happy Customers on Happy Wednesday

We all dread Wedesdays. To shoo away your mid week blues, Metro Shoes introduced Happy Wednesday Sale to soothe your senses with some retail therapy! Who wouldn’t say no to shopping the best from the lot on a discount price? A hit amongst our customers, Happy Wednesday Sale continues to make your week much more better!









7. Beating the summer heat in a ‘pun’ny way!

Believing that playing around puns only makes you smarter, we introduced a SPF 50 sale in summer! The sale started on a weekend, giving away footwear at straight 50% discount. To give some respite to the customers, we offered fashionable footwear at the sale price like never before.

To sum up, 2017 has been a great year in every aspect we could think of! Metro Shoes is super motivated to bring new fashion to your feet in the coming year.  We wish our readers a very happy new year in advance and trust that 2018 is going to bring a lot more luck and success than ever.