Christmas, Santa Claus and Gifts in a Sock: Time changed, Hope stayed

Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill captured the thin string connecting Christmas and humans in a simple way. He said, “Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection”. What he meant was, each Christmas is a chance to glance within ourselves and see how far we have come. It is that time of the year when things from the past must be forgiven and one must have the courage to say hello to an exciting future.

The way we celebrate Christmas might have changed over the years. However, the crux of it stays unchanged and so do the small rituals attached to the festival.

Remember how as kids we used to jump with joy at the mere sight of a brightly lit Christmas tree? And the time when mum used to tell us stories of Santa Claus, who stays in an igloo somewhere on the North Pole, and how he has begun his journey to come to our home!

Believing in the folklore, our imagination used to ride us on the sleigh drawn by reindeer. We would literally visualize the episode wherein  Santa Claus is sneaking into our house, taking out a gift wrapped box from his red sack and keeping it under our tree. There were so many years where we have stayed awake in the hope to meet our Santa. But we never could meet him, could we? However, we still found a gift on Christmas morning.

Today, the ‘grown-up’ in us nags to stop accepting the fairytales and ‘think on more practical lines’. But hey, who says believing in Santa Claus is a thing only children do? The amusing stories made us keep faith in miracles back then. So why stop now?

This Christmas, open the closed doors of childhood beliefs. No matter how cliché it sounds, do embrace happiness. Trust us, this is what this festival is all about. It gives you hope and it makes you believe that it is not absolutely silly to wait for your Santa to arrive.

Soak in the Christmas spirit and the joyous feeling. The smooth notes of the carols, the freshly baked plum cakes, the candies hanging from the pines of the Christmas tree and the gift boxes laid at its bottom, makes for a pretty picture. The fam jams are a reason to rejoice as everyone meets and greets with warmth.  Set the mood by sharing jokes, laughter and good memories.

With so much enthusiasm in the air, there is no space for having anything less than a merry time!

The Metro Shoes team is already grooving in the festive mood and would love to hear how you plan to spend your Christmas.

P.S: Keep a sock near your pillow on Christmas Eve. Who knows, Santa might turn up 🙂