Metro Shoes: A 70-year Legacy

Metro Shoes has been steeped into India’s history. Since the advent of our independence in 1947, Metro Shoes has been a brand that has been synonymous with India’s rich cultural and diverse history. Being one of India’s premiere homegrown brands, on the anniversary of our Mother Nation’s 70th Anniversary of independence, we are also celebrating our 70th Birthday.

At every step of this 70-year journey, it has been our constant endeavor to stay relevant. Whether it’s in terms or technology, fashion, consumer service, we have always elevated ourselves to fit your needs. We will be forever known for our legacy, and we are extremely proud of the one we have and continue to leave behind. In all these years of independence we have ensured that we stay on top of it with our innovation in terms of the styles and trends that we have put out.

And to mark this occasion that brings us great pride and joy, we have decided to shower our patrons, who are our biggest support system and the backbone that keeps us going, with a special sale, which enables you to shop for our latest trends and styles at a flat 10% discount.

So go on and shop your hearts out and thank you, to each of you.

Jai Hind!