Look Professional with These Business Formal Shoes

Wearing tailored suits, slipping the socked foot in a lush shoe, pressing keyboard buttons hastily in a well-lit office—such adult pleasures have appealed to us since we ran aimlessly in our flip-flops. But the time is here, your cabin is ready to welcome you and your feet are waiting for the right shoes before you take your first big step.

A presentation is a big part of conducting businesses, be it a demonstration of strategies or one’s own self. One thing that all professionals press upon is the significant role of shoes in fabricating an apt business look. If you are looking to design the perfect office statement, here’s our contribution to help you look your best in these business formal shoes:

Types of Shoes

  • Oxford shoes: While both the varieties of formal lace-up shoes, Oxford and Derby are considered to be the superstars of the corporate universe, Oxford shoes particularly enjoy the prime position.

Metro - Oxford Shoes

Make: Plain toe, cap toe, round toe, chisel toe and whole cut are the most preferred forms in business Oxfords.

  • Brogue shoe: Fine decorations in brogue shoes make them a popular choice amongst people who like to have an extra gleam in their outfit. Most people save this for important events like a big meeting, conference or client visits. Whenever you put them on, make sure that you give ’em their share of limelight.

Metro - Brogue Shoes

Make: Wing tip and quarter brogue are the most formal builds in this type of shoes. However, it is advised to avoid longwing and full brogue varieties.

  • Loafers: Not every day has to be a strict suit and tie affair. On events when you have the liberty of going for a business casual look, your eyes should land on loafers. While moccasins make for a good formally relaxed look, loafers are more defined in their presentation with a heel and no detailing on the upper, and hence widely approved.

Penny Loafers for Men

Make: Penny is the most suitable corporate choice when it comes to loafers.

Types of Materials

type of material


They say, shoes are only formal when they are made of leather, so here’s how to find vibrant diversity in leather shoes. A patent, smooth leathers, full-grain and pebble grain are best of the leather varieties for your formal shoes. Suede is another great choice, however, it is very delicate and high-maintenance, hence reserved for occasional events by most.

Types of Solesformal shoes soles

  • Rubber: Good grip but poor breathability. Apt for rainy days.
  • Single Leather: Breathable, sleek and neat. Luxe appearance but sensitive to rains.
  • Poly Synthetic Leather: Waterproof and easy to clean. Leather-like feel and look at a cheaper price, but far less durable.