Tips To Remember While Buying Formal Shoes

Shopping for formal shoes is pretty much like living out your own romantic comedy, except for the girl you’re in pursuit of the right shoe. And if there’s anything that popular movies have taught us, it’s that the search for Ms Right is a long and hard one.

It’s a known fact that an educated customer is a happy customer. So let’s walk through a few tips that will help you get the perfect shoe for yourself:

Taken by the type

type of formal shoes

Before you embark on this hunt, know what kind of shoe you’re looking for to get the right value for money. When it comes to formal shoes for men, there are plenty of assorted types and designs.

  • Strictly formal: In the formal spectrum of lace-up shoes, your best bet is to go for Derby and oxford shoes. These shoes are traditional and ideal for all boardroom meetings, office parties and high-end events.
  • Semi-formal: Somewhere on the semi-formal and casual spectrum lie brogues, loafers and monk strap shoes.

Each with their own definitive qualities, these shoes will carry you from work to a club effortlessly.

Lead by the leather

Tan formal shoes

The quality of the leather will define the quality of your shoe.

  • Material: Formal shoes for men come prominently in materials like leather and suede, which is just another type of leather.
  • Quality: A good quality leather will be supple yet firm.
  • Defects: Check for any imperfections like scars or blemishes in the hide.
  • Smell: Gauge the leather by its smell. Quality leather that has been treated with care will smell like the polish used by the shoemaker, not like chemicals or plastic.
  • Stitching: Fine crafted leather shoes will have subtle stitching with a neat look.

Fit for the foot

Black formal shoes

Now that the superficial part of our shoe hunt is over, let’s get down to business. No matter how pretty the shoe is or how aesthetic it makes your outfit look, if it doesn’t fit well, it should not come home with you.

  • Scrutinize your walk: The right pair of shoes will make your walk comfortable and natural.
  • Try on shoes with socks: When shopping from a brick and mortar store, always wear your socks while trying out shoes. If you’re looking for Oxfords, Brogues and Derby shoes, wear your skinny dress socks that will give you a good idea of how the shoes fit.
  • Observe the pressure on your feet: A properly fitting shoe pair will not put too much stress on the pressure points of your feet. Walk around a little in the shoes to gauge if they’re holding the feet too tight. If there’s constant pressure when you walk, you picked the wrong shoe.
  • Test the fit with toe movement: If your feet are broad, avoid leaner models. Instead go for wide toed shoes that will provide the needed space for your feet. To get a better understanding of the fit, try to move your big toe around. There should ideally be an inch of space between your big toe and the shoe’s toe box to allow proper movement while walking.